Whisper of the Lotus – Gabrielle Yetter

Rating – 4/5 Stars

“Whisper of the Lotus” is a journey meandering through the life of a young woman – Charlotte . On a flight to Cambodia, she meets doctor Rashid and immediately developed a liking. He forgets an emotional and personal letter addressed to his bereaved son. She instigates a quest for Rashid’s son to deliver it, as she struggles to untangle the gnarled relation with her mother. Her search unfolds fascinating encounters with several characters.

The story is well laid and is intriguing. Too many side characters don’t seem pertinent. The author might have added them for depth to the main character’s personality and give an excursion. Very tactfully the preaching of Buddhism are woven with the story, making them a part of it. Her encounter with a Buddhist monk gave her answers to many questions she was looking for. I relished her journey and couldn’t put the book down

I appreciate the author for her in-depth research. Nowhere in the book, she overemphasizes the landscapes, yet by the time you finish it, it appears disembarking from a prolonged journey through Cambodia.

There were a few palpable flaws in the plot. An internet search was the turning point of the story. I kept wondering why she didn’t do it the moment she commenced searching for Chris. She has looked for all possible combinations of his name on the internet only and still, she didn’t check that keyword.

Anyway, it is a nice entertaining read. The first thing that attracted my attention was the beautiful cover. It is eye-catchy and attractive.

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