When I grow up…

Aarav, an 8-year-old kid, was sitting in his classroom. The last class of the Day, English, was about to end. Eagerness to run away and reach home was diverting his attention from the class. The teacher finished the chapter and informed everyone that the next day there would be an extempore. Everyone needs to speak about what they want to be when they grow up.  This was an exciting task for Aarav since he has never given a thought about the future. The school bell rang. He, along with all kids, jumped happily out of the school.


The topic for the extempore was buzzing in his head. Sitting on the bus, Aarav was continuously thinking about what he wants to be. His first thought was to be a businessman like his father or a doctor like his mother. He imagined himself in professional attire, managing his office and calls. Next moment, he imagined himself as a doctor wearing a white coat with a stethoscope across his neck. While picturing several versions of his future, he reached home. His father, as usual, was not at home. He hardly gets to see his father more than twice a week as he remains usually on his business trips. So he fled towards his mother’s room. She was waiting for him. With excitement, he hugged her tightly, and she responded by caressing him. Then he asked her, “Mom, what should I become when I grow up. Should I be a doctor like you or a businessman like Dad?” Her mother smiled and said, “Aarav, don’t be something because I or anyone else instructs you to be that. You should choose yourself what you want to be in future”.  Aarav thought about it all afternoon.

After having lunch, he reached his friend Sahil’s house. Sahil’s father greeted him cheerfully, Aarav, my boy! How are you today”? He replied that he was fine and was looking for Sahil to play cricket. Sahil’s father was a police officer and was wearing his uniform. The uniform triggered Aarav’s attention, and he considered being a police officer. On the way to the playground, he was picturing himself wearing the same uniform as a policeman. It didn’t last long. While playing cricket, he felt that he was a very good batsman. He envisioned himself as the captain of the International cricket team.

The entire day passed, and he was still not sure what he wants to be. Tired of thinking, he opened up his book of science and read about Newton and Einstein. It gave him another choice that maybe he should become a scientist and invent new ideas. The fresh option puzzled him further.  Deciding between businessman, doctor, policeman, cricketer and scientists confused him. Amid all this confusion, he fell asleep. In his deep sleep, he saw a dream. In the dream, he saw him as a grown-up man having two kids. Kids were playing with him in the garden of his beautiful house. His wife and parents were smiling lovingly at them. They all were talking about their day and laughing with each other. Then he saw him getting ready to go for his work. His parents bid him goodbye, and his kids kissed him. As he was about to start his car, the sound of the morning alarm alerted him and he realized that the dream was over.

The dream made him energetic because he finally picked what he wanted to be in the future. His father was not at home and his mother had already left for the clinic. His maid got him ready. By school bus, he reached the school. The English teacher entered the class and reminded them about the extempore. She called the first kid, who said that he wants to be a pilot. The second kid said that he wants to be a politician. Third said that he wants to be a teacher. Now it was Aarav’s turn. His teacher asked him, “So, Aarav what you want to be when you grow up?”.  Aarav turned to his class and said  “When I grow up, I want to be happy. Whatever profession I choose, I just want to be a joyous man.”

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