Weatherman by Price Doom

Rating : 3/5 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

“Weatherman” is a story of a queer daughter-father duo, Heart and Sonny. Everything appears to be bizarre, from their talks, their behavior, to their life. This sci-fi novella (as per the blurb) doesn’t have anything scientific other than a few mentions of sun, moon, heat, helium, or other elements. The story, distributed in four parts, doesn’t make any sense until it reaches the last leg. It keeps the reader confused as to what exactly is happening.

In the fourth chapter, the chunks come together and start making some sense. At this point, I promptly forgot the confusion built till now and got immersed in the story. Although the ending is fascinating, yet the incidents leading to it seem illogical. The girl wanted to meet and knew about her mother for ages. One day she suddenly sneaks out to run a google search, and all things themselves fall in place like a doodle. Why she waited so long for such a trivial thing? In 3/4th of the book, the daughter shares a loving bond with her father, and abruptly as she reaches teenage, she doesn’t trust him and feels annoyed. What led to this change?

I assumed there must have some meaning of repetition of the same lines and action by characters, but there isn’t. For instance, “You know it, buddy,” Sonny says this to his daughter almost on every second page, and in every chapter, Sonny gives an exact number of kisses to Heart as her age. Both the things remain unexplained. The author unsuccessfully tries to show a deep relationship between them, unable to evoke emotions. The only way to display his love is by saying, “I love you so much,” which sounds hollow and impassive.

If the author had dropped some hints or explanations about the actual story in between, it could have been a fast-paced novella. By the time it starts making sense, it is too late. I wish it were structured appropriately, and then it would be an excellent read.