Usne Gandhi Ko Kyu Maara

Book Review : Usne Gandhi ko Kyun Maara
Author : Ashok Kumar Pandey
Rating : 5/5

This book is a severe blow to the alumni of Whatsapp university and is written around the conspiracy of the assassination of Gandhi. It blow by blow shatters the false narrative and propaganda about freedom fighters, be it Gandhi or Nehru. I have previously read “Kashmirnama” by the author, where he has eloquently narrated the history of Kashmir and how it reached its current state. He maintains the same standard of authenticity in this book as well. He doesn’t just fabricate the things out of thin air but provides bona fide sources behind the mentioned facts. To be precise, he has mentioned around 70 books and over 300 references including on-record speeches, letters, biographies, etc. The author only talks about truth.

The book is divided into three sections. First Section talks about the life of Godse, Narayan Apte, Karkare, Madanlal Pahwa, Savarkar, and others who were charged for conspiracy and killing of Gandhi.
The second section explains the chronology of the murder – How several attempts were made to kill him even before 30-Jan, How the plan to kill him was executed step by step. Then he talks about the life and morals of Gandhi in brief. The last chapter is about the court case and Kapoor committee.
The third section is mainly to burst the fake news being spread out throughout the country for showing Godse as a hero while Gandhi-Nehru as culprits.

The author raises and answers significant questions like – Gandhi had disagreements with communists and Muslim radicals too. Then why was it that the gun of right-wing ideologists was always pointed towards Gandhi rather than Britishers? In one of the chapters, he refers to a speech by Savarkar where he claimed that Hindu and Muslim are already two nations, so he had no disagreement in the matter of partition.

The content of the book is very logically placed. Writing is simple and impressive. The tone is pretty aggressive as if the author is screaming to tell the truth to cyber trolls.

In the end, my huge respect to the author for showing courage to go against the flow and to come up with an account of actual conspiracy. I recommend majorly all children to read this book so that they know the truth of partition and independence from legitimate sources rather than learning it from Whatsapp and fake websites. Group belonging to different ideologies can tag it as an attempt to polish the images of Gandhi but when the author is backed up with such a huge list of references, one can only blame, can’t debate or defeat him.

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