Tymeka Coney : An Interview with a woman of many talents.

Tymeka Coney is an actress, producer, director, playwright, poet, songwriter, voiceover and now activist with the release of her children’s picture book, “I Don’t Like Racism,” which was inspired by the police brutality she has witnessed in the world and first hand. Tymeka’s first book was “Words Unspoken: Volume I-Deeper Than Eyes Can See,” poetry book released in 2011. She also has a Spoken Word album, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dreams,” available on Amazon and her recent extended single “COVID 19- Social Distancing,” 

Her poems have been featured in Los Angeles magazines-Rolling Out Magazine, Melt Magazine and Los Angeles Sentinel. She currently runs an Indie production company- Meek Entertainment & PR for TV, Film, Live Stage Events & other media where she stays busy consulting clients in PR & Production along with her producing partner Lemo Coney III and they also run an annual film festival to provide opportunities for other filmmakers called -Mind Film Festival. www.mindfilmfestival.com Tymeka is also Manager & Co-Founder of a Music Collective for other songwriters, singers and musicians.www.more2morecollective.com.

We got an opportunity to know her better and talk about her latest book “I Don’t Like COVID-19“, here is a snippet of a candid interview with her:

Inertiaspeaks: Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview Tymeka. My first question is – what inspired you to publish a book on the topic of covid?

Tymeka: This topic is so prevalent right now and I wanted to educate and inspire young people and just provide hope to those affected by COVID and just be a positive voice as this is happening all over the world.


Inertiaspeaks: I agree to it although you have decided to release your new book “I Don’t Like COVID-19” in Feb 2022, when the world leaders speculate it will reach an endemic stage. How relevant do you think the timing is?

Tymeka:I think the time is now. COVID-19 is here to stay for now. Let’s continue the dialogue.


Inertiaspeaks: Just hope it doesn’t stay forever!! Why have you decided to make children your targeted audience in your “I don’t like series”?

Tymeka:The children are our future and also when we get children involved it is my hope that It will continue to get adults involved as their parents, grand parents and teachers etc. read the book with them.


Inertiaspeaks: And it inculcates reading habits as well I believe. Now, let’s talk about your life a bit more. What is your struggle story? How did you get your first breakthrough? 

Tymeka: I have been writing since I was a child. I started writing poetry just because I enjoyed it. I wrote my first book in 2011 which happened to be a book of poetry which were poems I had compiled over the years and definitely self expression that I had not shared with the world so I thought why not, perhaps my writing could inspire others. I wouldn’t necessary say I have a struggle story. I would just say that I write because it is cathartic and writing gives me breakthroughs whether I am mad or sad or can’t really find a way to express through words, I can always express myself through writing.


Inertiaspeaks: You are a multitalented personality. You are an actress, producer, director, poet, activist, and author. Which of these roles do you adore the most, and do they all connect to a common cause?

Tymeka: They are all creative and I definitely am a Creative being and I know that every creative gift comes from GOD/The Creator above so I am thankful that I get to utilize these gifts and talents and share them with others. “Our gifts are GOD’s gift to us and what we do with those gifts are our gifts to HIM/others.” I love all of my gifts the same as they all are heartfelt and I go with what flows from the heart during different seasons of my life and I am thankful for the many open doors and opportunities that come my way by using every gift. I would say Producing is at the top of the list if I had to choose. It is a collaborative/team effort and I get to be a part of employing other creatives and providing opportunities for a lot of people and I love seeing a vision from start to finish (Script to stage/screen) come to life.


Inertiaspeaks: You have very clear thoughts I must say. People would also want to know as an activist, what causes are you most passionate about and reflect in your work?

Tymeka: I’m passionate about a lot of causes. I write about a lot of topics and I become passionate about everything I write as I often write from experience and my observations locally, in my community within my culture and current events in the world overall. I am passionate about excelling the lives of others through writing/media/entertainment. I have written about Racism, COVID-19, Suicide, Menopause, Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Forgiveness in Marriage and Friendships and the list goes on. I want to continue to inspire others mentally, spiritually and emotionally through words.


Inertiaspeaks: Working in multiple fields what is one thing you think is missing in your life or career?

Tymeka: I think right now WORK/LIFE/BALANCE is missing in my career. I want to get to a place where I can properly balance all three. I’m very ambitious and I spend a lot of time working to get to the next level of my career and sometimes I’m so tunnel vision that I neglect to make time to socialize or take out time to have a romantic relationship or date because I am so focused on the bigger goal which is building a successful empire and just getting to a place financially where I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.  The mindset is “Work now and Party later.”  However, I sometimes think about the saying…”What good is success if you don’t have anyone to share it with?” Until then…I will continue to stay focused and remain creative because it is a happy place for me and keep God 1st, Family 2nd and everything else will continue to fall into place.


Inertiaspeaks: Now, we’d like to talk about you as a writer. Do you have a ritual to get you in the writing mindset?

Tymeka: I don’t really have a specific ritual. I just set deadlines and goals for things that come to mind that I want to write about and then I eventually cross them off the list. I don’t have a specific order either. I write what I am passionate about at the time and that motivates me to continue writing as the words just keep downloading from my brain and my imagination runs wild because I am enjoying the process. I just have to be in a quiet and serene place alone to write with no distractions from the phone or outside noises etc.


Inertiaspeaks: What piece of advice do you often give but find yourself struggling to follow?

Tymeka: I often give advice to set up a writing schedule, but sometimes I don’t actually write to a writng schedule…I just write. I know that writing takes discipline so it’s either being self-disciplined or putting a plan of action together and sticking to it. 


Inertiaspeaks: Since it needs self discipline, do you enjoy writing, or is it exhausting?

Tymeka:I enjoy writing. It’s not exhausting at all. It is the work of marketing what you’ve written and distribution that can become exhausting but writing itself is very relaxing, fun and enjoyable and innate for me in all forms as I write Poetry, Songs, TV scripts, Film Scripts, Stageplays, Press Release, Books, Treatments, Letters etc..


Inertiaspeaks: Do you have any tips for aspiring novelists about writing and publishing their debut?

Tymeka: I say write about something you are passionate about or from experience as this makes the writing process easy for you and you will be motivated to complete what you start. Don’t worry too much about the formatting upfront. Just write and then you can hire an editor to proof your materials and you can have all the support you need to provide the art work and publishing etc…Just write and let the words flow from your heart and mind to the page and this truth will resonate with your audience/readers and most importantly someone’s life will be changed and transformed because of your story. Everyone has a story to tell and just have faith and confidence in knowing someone wants to hear yours…So like Nike..”Just Do It”

Write!! If it is a part of your life’s purpose it will never leave you and you won’t leave here until you write what you were purposed to do here on earth.


Inertiaspeaks: That was a wonderful thought. Thank you. How can the audience reach you on social media?

Tymeka: I may be found at www.tymekaconey.com

You can google me J Tymeka Coney

My 3 books and music (Spoken word CD) are on Amazon.com – Tymeka Coney

I am on Instagram as TymekaTymeLashae

Facebook- Tymeka Coney

Youtube- Tymeka Coney

Twitter- AuthorTymeka

You can buy her books from below links:

 1st book- Words Unspoken Volume I: Deeper Than Eyes Can See Poetry Book

2nd book- I Don’t Like Racism– Children’s Book

3rd book & newly released Children’s Book- I Don’t Like COVID-19