Travel Tales: A Wanderer’s Journal by Rajeev Varma

Rating – 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

This journal lets you witness the world through the lens of a wanderer in his late adulthood. Rajeev along with his wife has ventured to exotic locations in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. All 180 pages of the journal are filled with a mesmerizing reminiscence of his travel experiences around the globe. With a vivid account of Mouthwatering dishes, glorious history, and magnificent monuments readers embark on a virtual journey of the world.

Apart from destinations, the book is filled with delightful tales like the one when he visits the University of UK where his father has studied. I was amazed at the warmth shown by the University in welcoming him. Another one I find quite funny is the one related to the nightlife of Venice.

For each destination, he has included a snippet of history which adds to the reader’s knowledge bank. Their particular interest in historical monuments maybe because of his wife being a student and teacher of history.

It is not a “How-to” manual to plan the trips and ideal itinerary but a simple record of memories with beautiful pictures of the couple at these scenic locations.

It is a travel journal with more of a tourist experience than a traveler experience. In no way it should be construed as one being superior to the other. Both are different ways and equally significant. The author has the luxury to book a sudden international journey the very next day, stay in palace kind of hotels, pre-booked cabs, and guided tours, while a traveler focuses on cost-effective ways to travel and explore by itself. I have been a tourist and traveler both, and both experiences have perks of their own.  I wish the author has put more detailed pictures of the masterpieces.

This book opened up the scope of my travels to destinations like Jordan, which I never thought about visiting. Thanks to the author, I have added several destinations to my wish list. It is bliss to travel lovers.