The Haunted House….

The clock struck 5 pm. Naveen was sitting in his drawing-room. He was constantly smoking and thinking about ways to clear his debts. The old house was his one and only source of livelihood. It had been a sole source of income for him for a long time. As the rumours of his house being haunted spread across the city, no one was even willing to enter it. This all started after a man committed suicide inside the house. He had managed to rent the house on two occasions, but after experiencing the supernatural activities, both families vacated the house. He himself had felt the presence of something unusual inside there. That’s why he has left all the hopes of any income from the property. He was tensed and was looking for any possible options.


Suddenly, his landline phone rang. He picked up the call and heard the voice of a girl on another side. She said that she was new in the town and wanted to rent a house. As his old house was proximate to her workplace and has the cheapest rent, she wanted to rent it out. Naveen was indifferent because he knew that this girl was new in town, so she might not know about the house being haunted. He didn’t want to hide anything, so he told everything to the girl. He was shocked at her reaction when she laughed and said,” so I am considering the deal done, should I move in today”?

It was 11 pm when she entered the house with all her luggage. The door behind her got closed by itself. At the moment she got reminded of what Naveen had said earlier. For the first time in her life, she felt a strange presence of supernatural elements. Drenched in sweat, she moved to her room, put the luggage on the ground and closed the door.  For a while, she sat on the bed to relax and closed her eyes. The tube light in the room started flickering and with a loud sound, it got burst. Hurriedly she opened her eyes.

The door of the room opened up by itself and a ray of light entered inside. She moves in the light’s direction. With slow steps, she was following the light. Her footsteps stopped in front of a small room where she heard an indistinct sound of a violin coming from inside. She opened the door, and it was completely dark there. With slow steps, she moves inside and bumped into something. After realizing that it was a chair, she sat on it and suddenly a dim light filled the room. Her eyes got astounded by seeing a beautiful decoration on the table. Music was still playing. Someone whispered into her ears in a gloomy voice, “So, you are here”.

She closed her eyes with a smile and said, Yes, I am here. You always used to surprise me like this. It’s my birthday, and you kept your promise of celebrating it together. The only thing that’s different is that you are dead now and I am still alive”. She started sobbing. Spirit of her boyfriend hugged her tightly and said, “Happy Birthday dear, whether dead or alive, I am always there for you”. She hugged him back and said, “You committed suicide because we could not marry, but now we will stay together forever in this haunted

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