The Great Indian Novel – by Shashi Tharoor

Rating – 5/5 Stars

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning “The great Indian Novel” by the renowned author -Shashi Tharoor is a satirical masterpiece. Categorized as a fictional novel, it combines the epic of Mahabharata with modern Indian history. Every character of the novel draws a parallel with real-life characters and refers to true political events.

When this brilliant piece of writing is coming from a Congress Statesman, one will expect an unconscious bias towards keeping the image of his party immaculate. As an author, Shashi Tharoor has maintained an equitable stance everywhere. He has been cynical about the authoritative decisions of Indira Gandhi and almost painted her character as of a tyrant. I appreciate his candor and temerity to add humor to reverent characters of Indian epic and politics. Today when people are losing their funny bones and take umbrage at frivolous jokes, this book is sure to meet with revulsion from a section of society.

Well-known for his ways with words, the author has discreetly utilized his cavernous treasure of advanced vocabulary. Although, the reading experience stays untinged by it. Along with the story, he has added his views on politics, culture, people mindset, the meaning of “Dharma” etc.

It mixes politics with fiction, making it humorous, ribbing, entertaining, witty, and intelligent. It is not just an entertainer but a source of knowledge about Indian History in an amusing way. You must be aware of Mahabharat to savor the satirical flavor of this book.

This is probably one of the best Indian classic fiction books written to date in my view. “The Great Indian” in the title refers to Mahabharat. It is quite a lengthy novel, and nowhere gets ponderous or dragged. A must-read masterpiece!!