The Drama Queen

Author – Ashna Khan

Ratings – 3.5/5 stars

Any woman who holds strong opinions and can take stand against the general conception of society is tagged as a “Drama Queen” by society. This phrase is easily relatable by women of similar nature.

“Drama Queen” is based on the life of “Shreya” who falls in the above category. She is like most of us who bows down to the happiness of her family in the most important decision of her life and gets married to Ranvijay, who is a top Bollywood actor. Despite being a heartthrob, he isn’t her choice. As written in the novel – “She should have closed the tap tightly that day”. Anyways, she moves ahead with her married life only to get ignored and humiliated every other day. One day her volcano of patience erupts and she takes the decision, which even the fiercest of women hesitate to take. There starts the journey of a headstrong woman, controlling the steering wheel of her life herself.

This story demanded a strong central character which the author has artistically crafted. The story runs at a medium pace. There aren’t a lot of characters in the book so the storyline at times gets predictable. I liked how Shreya fights for everything she deserves.

As a downside, I can say that lesser efforts have been given to the setting. Throughout the book, I couldn’t imagine the place where Shreya lives and the physical appearance of Shreya or Ranvijay.

In short, it’s a light-hearted easy read. If you are looking for a women-centric novel to read then this is the right pick.

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