The Cat with three Passports by CJ Fentimen

Rating – 5/5 Stars

 As an avid traveler, I have numerous places on my bucket list to visit; Japan was never one of them. After reading this remarkable memoir by CJ, I am craving to go and visit this marvelous country of disciplined citizens, delightful festivals, and unique ethnicity. Going through every chapter, I have seen a part of Japan through the eyes of CJ. I sensed I am roaming around the city of Takayama with cute kittens around.

One of the main perks of travel is that you are a better person as the trip ends. CJ shared her journey of being a person who wants to run away from everything to a responsible person taking control of her life. She gave the credit for her transformation and finding her “ikigai” to her cat that she found on the streets. Being from an Asian country, I could relate to most cultural things like family bonding, yet many were surprising, like a common day to switch to summer attire, common baths, and extremely polite citizens.

CJ has excelled in her craft with her wondrous writing skills. The book is said to be a memoir, but it is as interesting as a fiction novel. Each chapter tells the story of a different place and a different episode. The reader gets immersed in the lanes and cities of Japan.

Generally, in my reviews, I mention a few points of improvement but with this book, I couldn’t find any. It is so perfect. Whether you are a traveler or not, memoir is your genre or not, you are a pet lover or not, still this book is recommended for all. It is not wrong to say this is not just a book but an elaborated experience in itself.

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