Tampering of EVM looks like a false claim

Tampering of EVM looks like a false claim. Read the article to understand why.

As per an employee of PSU, EVM tampering claim looks like propaganda. Here is the procedure followed before and after polling:


  1. The polling officers and the presiding officer must present 1hr prior to the polling time. Agents of different parties also are present there.

  1. In their presence, the designated officers must conduct mock polling and show all the agents that the EVM is working fine (like it is registering the votes or not, registering for the right candidate or not, it’s showing correct counting or not, etc.)

  1. Then again in the presence of all the agents the designated officer locks and seals the EVM and countersign on it along with all the agents, so that nobody can make any alteration in the machine after it has been locked.

  1. After the completion of the poll, the EVM is sealed off completely and again with the sign of agents.

  1. Then it is submitted to the collectorate office.
  1. At the time of counting, again the EVM is opened in front of the agents of candidates. Hence there is no chance of a victory of any party by doing fraud in the EVM.

Looks like a fair and impartial process, if same is followed. Apart from this, there are other technical prospects as well that vouch against the possibility of any tampering in the EVM machine. Although, every now and then, after elections, we get to hear claims related to the authenticity of EVMs. Recently Delhi Municipal Corporation election results got declared. And we are very much prepared to again listen to similar claims by other contesting parties but the winning party.

Source: Quora with due credit to the owner.

Image source: Internet search with due credit to the owner.

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