Conversation with a policeman in Jampacked and snarling traffic of Manali

policeman at Manali

Manali Trip on a during summer vacations became our worst experience. On a Sunday of June month, stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic at Manali for last 4 hours, I walked up to a policeman standing nearby and conversation followed like this:

Me:  Sir, its total chaos please do something about it. (Sir bahut pareshani ho rhi hai, kuch kariye)

Police man:    It is Manali, traffic crawls like this only. We cannot do anything. (Ye Manali hai, yahan aise hi chalta hai. Hum kuch ni kar sakte)

Me:     Sir, it’s been four hours in traffic, kindly understand. (4 ghante ho gye hai jam me lage hue)

Policeman:   It will take another four, we cannot do anything (4 ghante aur lag jayenge hum kuch ni kar sakte)

Policeman:  Until and unless government constructs roads, condition will not change. (Jab tak sarkaar sadak ni banwati, halaat aise hi rahenge)

No prize for guessing, I came back in my car ready to bear the traffic for an unknown time as they cannot do anything. The only thing they can do is to pass the ball in the government’s court. On this Manali trip, we got stuck for almost 6 hours at the mall road. Till then, we had already travelled for almost 15 hours from Delhi.

Interestingly, this jam was surpassing the police station and police could navigate their vehicles by driving through the wrong side. After all, rules are not made for them. In our experience of 4-5 visits, we have witnessed much interesting stuff. Read this for more flavours of Manali trip.

Manali is a victim of its own prestige

Manali is the starting point for Leh Ladakh bike trips. During the peak season i.e from May till July, hotels stay occupied by tourists and bikers. Now if you are looking for some peaceful moments during this time, then my friend, change your mind. Because at this time you would get more silence at Aravali Biodiversity park in Gurgaon, than here.

Or if you really want to enjoy this place during the peak season, here is the tip. Plan to reach Manali in a way that you either enter the city before 6 AM in the morning or after 3 PM and before 5 PM in the afternoon. And please do not book your stay in the city. It will feel like living in Delhi with some hills. Please travel a bit towards Rohtang pass and find some accommodations Solange valley, or choose some Homestays around it. Trust me you would feel like you are in another world. Very peaceful and calm. Serenity is the actual reason why we go on a trip. isn’t it? See pictures below to explore some good reason of why to go for Manali trip

We never want to get stuck on our trips, because we plan trips to get out our life fusses !!

Stay calm and plan calm.

Disclaimer: Image is for  illustration purpose and is a result of internet search with due credit to the owner.

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