Subsurface History of Humanity: Direction of History – Victor Torvich

Rating – 3.5 out of 5.0 stars

As the title suggests, this book is an endeavor to uncover the 44 thousand years old history of humankind. In doing so, the author tries to answer some burning questions – In which direction humanity is moving? What is the driving force behind it? Is it moving fast or slow? Why Human rule the earth?

The first few chapters are utilized for the concepts like resources, resource group, and how opportunities are significant. After that, things start to make some sense when the concepts come together. In the later chapters, content seems scattered, and many topics look out of place and irrelevant. Numbers and data points appear overwhelming in between. Yet, the outcome is relatable as the author states that humankind is close to the inflection point in its development.

The author specialized in complex systems and has used data-based models to explain his study. Throughout the book, he sought to keep it simple with the analogy of pizza and other related things. Despite this, it is not facile for all kinds of readers. It is pleasurable to a class of readers who have an interest in complex models and Math. Other readers may find it laborious to finish the book. Another important thing is that the learnings and outcomes are based on the research done by the author. I believe (and the author also mentioned it) they need external validation to be confirmed as facts.

Readability is slightly difficult, as Page 1 and the Last page are referred to multiple times. It is handy for a paperback, but in Kindle versions, navigation is annoying.

It is an esoteric piece of work, pertinent to students of science and data. For them, it will be an exciting read.