Silent Murder by Nupur Luthra

Rating – 2/5 stars

Length – 100 pages

The story revolves around Nick and the murder of his mother and her lover. The main convict is his grandfather Dwayne. One day the case gets reopened owing to a piece of new information. From here starts the bizarre sequence of events in his life. The storyline is good, and the author has managed to build up good suspense initially.

The major downside is that the book is filled with errors to the brim, starting from the first page making the reading experience an arduous journey. A reader cannot expect trivial punctuation and formatting errors from an author who has written five books.

There are so many inconsistencies in the plot itself. Nick has won the election for US president, but he is struggling in his life like that of a common man with no media focus on him. How can plastic surgery change a man, who is the father of 35 years old, into a teenage girl? In one paragraph, we are talking about Pratt. In the next two paragraphs, he becomes a mysterious lover and then again back to Pratt.

Dialogues are written in paragraphs, almost impossible to guess who is speaking to whom. From the next paragraph, the scene changes, and two totally different people are talking with no mention of the speaker.

I assume the book is written in haste without proper proofreading and is in serious need of editing. The book ends with an open thread hinting at a sequel. I hope in the sequel reading experience would be smooth.

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