Shin-Chan – How he was born and died?

You must have heard a sentimental story about Shin-Chan’s death. The story tells that the character of Shin-Chan was inspired by the death of a child in a car accident while saving his sister.

Name Shinnosuke Nohara (野原しんのすけ), also known as Shinchan or Shin, is the protagonist of Crayon Shin-chan.

when was shin chan born?

Shinchan or Shin was born on “5th May 1990”. In the show, Shin was shown as 5 years Old. This fictional character was born in the Year “1990” when one of the great manga writers “Yoshito Usui” wrote its first volume.

Shinchan or Shin is the son of Hiroshi and Misae. His nickname is “Shin-chan” Nohara and he has a relation of brother with Himawari, a kindergarten-aged boy whose antics are the basis for the series. Shin is 5 years old and yet acts overtly mature. He is utter honest, shameless with highly curious. With Shin’s crazy antics, he was ironical solved the problems of those around him. Shin also displayed a huge amount of talent and skill in various activities like running, surfing, kendo, fishing, skiing, swimming, and others.

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Truth: Let us bust the bubble for you and tell you that this all is fake and has no truth behind it. As a matter of fact, it was an adult cartoon initially. Shin-Chan never died as it is a fictional character.

How was Shin-Chan Born?

Shin-Chan is just an imaginary character. Back in 1990, Shin Chan was an adult cartoon and was first created for people in mid 30’s, but it became so popular among youth and children that the creators had to make it family-oriented.

Little More Background on Shin-Chan!!

It is a Japanese series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. Shinnosuke is based on the character Shinnosuke Nikaido of another series by Yoshito Usui, Darakuya Store Monogatari. He is a naughty child around which the series is made. He balks at washing dishes and taking out the dog. What is most interesting, though not as far-out as the other differences, is that he rarely screams, rarely cries or throws tantrums, and is often punished. His works are always done by his puppy dog eyes.

Shin generally pulls his pants if happy and has a habit of dancing while singing “Buri! Buri!” (ケツだけ星人, “Ass Dance! Ass Dance!” in the English Funimation dub and “Hula Hula” or “The Bare Butt Boogie” in the Vitello and Phuuz dubs). Shin is a member of the Kasukabe Defence Force. He has his own imaginary character called Buriburizaemon.

Shinhan also loves elephant dance (ゾーさん zō-san) which consists of that an elephant is drawn around the penis, which acts like a trumpet. He always runs to the nearest TV at 5 PM to see Action Mask and, when he can’t go inside his house he will go to Masao’s house.

Crayon Shin-Chan first appeared in 1990 in a Japanese weekly magazine. Due to the death of an author, it ended in its original form on September 11, 2009.

A new comic began in the summer of 2010 by members of Usui’s team, titled New Crayon Shin-chan.

Animation of the series began airing in 1992 and is still ongoing on several television networks, worldwide. The show has now been dubbed in 30 languages which aired in 45 countries.

Relations in Shin-chan Life


Misae (mother)

shinchan's mother misai

29 years old Shin-chan’s mother from Kyushu is a typical housewife of post-war Japan. Although shinchan is seen teasing his mother along with his father and sister (he teases the most), he is very close with his mom, as seen when his mom goes to the hospital when she is pregnant and he becomes sad for her believing she will die in one month.

Hiroshi (father)

Shin and his father both like to see and flirt with pretty young ladies which always get punished by his mother, Misae. Normally Shin-chan will tell things about Hiroshi to Misae, making Misae beat him up. Despite this, he still refers to her as Misae at times while mocking her flat chest.

Himawari (sister)
He sometimes bickers with his sister but he takes care of her too.

Toru (best friend)

Toru looks like he doesn’t like Shin-Chan but he cares about him, by chasing the train Shin-Chan is taking to the airport, being the perfect pair in the movie. Being the closest friend with Shin-Chan in the Shin-Chan series, he is intelligent. He is Shin-chan’s immaculately groomed and perfectly mannered best friend, who usually loses his mind when Shin-chan teases him and other things. He also bickers and fights with words with Shin Chan sometimes. Despite that, they are actually closer than any of the other friends they have.

A strong piece of evidence is that when Kazama was extremely frustrated and lonely in several episodes, Shin-chan was the only one who stayed with him. Even though Kazama always denied when Shin Chan says that he is his best friend, his best friend is Shin Chan too. Always imagines he is the leader of the Kasukabe Defense Organization but he is not because the leader is Shin Chan. He shows unexpected actions in the movie My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!.

Masao (best friend)
He always make jokes at Masao making him cry. But Masao doesn’t seem to care much about it. After Bo, Masao is the closest friend of Shinchan. He is weak and always cries whenever he gets in danger. He is really good at voice acting and drawing mangas and plans to become an artist in the future but fails in the end. Although he looks weak, when he is fired up he will become unstoppable, in which recklessness might change the ending. He is in love with Ai-Chan but she is not interested in Masao.

Nene ( best friend)
Although Nene has a habit of losing her temper, she makes a good team with Shin Chan. Nene is Shin-chan’s only female best friend. Nene is also the only female member of the Kasukabe Defense Organization. Some fans said she has a crush on Shin-chan. She likes to play real-house with the other members of the Kasukabe Defense Organization, because of this Shin-Chan and his friends always want to escape from her. She loves rabbits so much that in the movie Roar! In the Kasukabe Animal Kingdom after she drank the Animal Potion, she even turned into a rabbit.

However, when she is angry, like her mom, she grabs her rabbit plush and punches it. Nene is impatient with Shin’s odd behavior but does enjoy his company, as she usually invites him (if he hasn’t already invited himself) to join her and her mother if they’re out for a meal (much to her mother’s dismay). In the movie My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack! Nene was upset when she hears Shin Chan is going to move to Mexico, proving that she does care about him.

They spend most of the time together compared to the other 3 boys. Shin-chan is the closest to Nene. They both very much match. Sometimes, Nene gives Shinchan her husband’s role and characters when they played ‘real house’ which is her favorite game.

Nene always gives Masao her husband’s role and characters. If not Masao, she will give Shin-chan. Besides Shin-chan’s mother, Misae, Nene is the only girl who can control him and beat him. He is scared of her too. There’s another boy name Motohisa who likes Nene and always fights with Shin-chan. Whoever wins gets to be with Nene. They fight for Nene in a few episodes. The same thing, when other girls example Ai wants to be with Shinchan, Nene won’t let and fights with them. They fight for Shinchan in a few episodes too. They both sometimes bully (but not in a bad way) and scold Masao which made him cry while Kazama and Bo comforted him when he cries.

Bo Suzuki (friend)
They normally meet when the whole troop is together. Bo always keeps a snivel. His interest is to collect strange rocks. In the movie The Storm Called: The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun, Bo is the only best friend that still remembers Shin-Chan and being passive to him. He is also one of the most important characters in the Shin-Chan series even though he is quiet. Compared to the other 3 of Shin-chan’s best friends, Bo understands Shin-chan’s behavior the most and usually joins Shin-chan’s things to example: play hide and seek without seeker, imagine playing ball in the head, etc.

Ai Saotome (friend/classmate)
She is a rich girl and has a crush on Shin-chan. She moved to Kasukabe because she wanted to feel how a normal kindergarten student is. Ai-chan loved Shin-chan and always called him “Sama” in almost every episode that Ai-chan appeared in, but Shin-chan rejects her because he doesn’t like girls that are smaller and the same age as him. If Shin-chan wants anything she does the work with the help of her bodyguard, she blackmails him all the time.

She is also a fierce rival of Nene and they are always seen fighting for Shin-chan for example who is going to play with him and who is going to sleep beside him. Ai-chan first joined the Kasukabe Defense Organization in an ep but leaves it later because she thinks she is not “close” enough with Shin-chan.

Shiro (dog)
Shiro, Shin’s dog is a white, fluffy pup Shin-chan found in a cardboard box early in the series. This character is a very intelligent dog, often presenting logic and intellect that surpasses his human owners. Shin-chan loves him very much even though he always complained to take Shiro out for a walk and all that.

Shin-Chan’s Language Use

His misuse of language is also typical. Shin-chan calls out “itte rasshai!” (‘see you soon!’–said to those leaving) when he comes home from school and uses mixed-up greetings like “okonban gozaimasu” (a combo of ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’). His written language is full of misspellings and strangely-written characters, and when he overhears someone older saying something that sounds pretty sophisticated, he’ll try to repeat it, but fails miserably, switching around syllables and words to no end. He also uses “ora” (a corruption of the tough-guy first-person pronoun ‘ore’) – which is nonstandard even for adults – to refer to himself when most five-year-old boys use “boku”, and prefers “hoi” (another corruption, this time of ‘hai’, or ‘yes’) to “hai”. The word “hoi” is actually Dutch (the Netherlands’ language) for “hi”.

Romances of Shin-Chan

Shinchan is attracted to older girls and women, despite his young age, and flirts with them with adult dialogue such as “Hei, oneisan, tamanegi tabereru~?” (Hey, baby, you like onions?). He brazenly pursues any girl who catches his eye. As he flirts, a smiling mouth, red cheeks, and flirting eyes can be seen. He shares this trait with his father and paternal grandfather, but this often results in his mom’s cruel punishment. However, he seems to have at least some standard in his pursues as he never tries to flirt with any of his female teachers (Ume Matsuzaka, Midori Ishizaka, and Masumi Ageo).

The only girl he seems to really like is a college student named Nanako Oohara. He always tries to pretend to be a brilliant boy in front of her to impress her, but Nanako treats him like a little brother. He has absolutely no interest in kindergarten girls; in fact, upon receiving a love letter from a fellow student, he whines, “but I’m not attracted to kids!”

Shin-Chan in India

In India, The series started airing in India on Hungama TV on June 19, 2006. Due to the controversy over the behavior, style, and attitude towards elders exhibited in the show, the Parents and Teachers Association complained about it, claiming that the series was a bad role model for kids. The series was banned in October 2008 by the Government of India.

Is Shin-Chan Banned in India?

After many requests from the fans, the censor board re-examined and heavily edited the nude scenes and profanity and restarted broadcasting on March 27, 2009.

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