RED BUS – Center for Poor Service Providers

RED BUS Poor Service

Red Bus Poor Service

RED BUS: Journey Details while travelling with MD Travels booked under Red-BUS Online Booking :

Travel Date: 27 -March -2016

Traveller: MD Travels

from/to : Lucknow – Delhi


Terrible experience. These private vendors are just money-oriented who don’t even bother about the pain we face because of their irresponsible behaviour.

Trouble starts as:

Sudden change in venue and time of departure – with just one message

pickup venue changed to 17 km from the proposed pickup point. Seriously this was the biggest panic suffered at last minute.


-Calling RED Bus vendor added trouble when he refused to listen over the pickup point change (they also preponed the time by 60 minutes, and we got information about it at 6:00 PM and departure time was 8:30 PM. Also reaching the venue itself needs 1 hour. Who in the world can manage everything in so less time, maybe you guys but I can’t )


-Anyhow after reaching to the new pickup point, seats were already given to someone else? 

-We had to fight for 1 hour to get desired seat as if we were free passengers going under their courtesy !!

They were saying to sit on any vacant seat. Comm’on why should I sit anywhere if I have booked some specific seat?

Why these RED BUS guys are not well prepared before taking up a booking? Why they wait for some last-minute scuffle?

In my understanding what they do is that they collaborate with multiple vendors pitching users for the same destination. If there are 4 vendors planning to drive their bus to Delhi from Lucknow on a specific date, they all open the seats via RED BUS. A single bus occupancy is 40 seats and say only 100 people booked the online ticket with 25 seats in each bus randomly. Now the real game of these vendors starts by merging the buses to avoid running buses with vacant seats. And here the actual trouble of wait and seat comes into the picture. The RED BUS agency doesn’t get to know of all this play or maybe they know already.

Passengers booking seat with RED BUS gets a ping-pong role fighting over the pre-paid seat and he doesn’t get the seat he booked but gets what is allocated to him at last moment. Then why RED BUS plays foul by providing an online seat selection system?

The worst part is that these vendors sell the leftover seats at last moment offline at a very cheaper or variable price, making system imbalance, creating total chaos.

Coming back to my journey Experience:

Now as the actual departure time was changed to 8:30 PM and bus moved at 10:00 PM, they took 1.5 hours to start the journey. The reason is simple – there were many like me who were facing such issue and of course, they have to apply their algorithm to settle empty seats as expressed above.

Journey Starts with RED BUS:

once the journey started nothing went well and some problems were as below:


  • AC malfunctioned
  • Mosquitoes
  • and many more


I would never suggest anyone for MD Travel redBus, they are not fit for public service.


Complete failure in the name of the journey, highly dissatisfied.

Need very genuine reasons over it.

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