Project Bold Life- Edward Kopko

Rating – 3/5 stars

Author – Edward Kopko

“Project Bold life” is meant to provide insight into goal-setting and goal achievements. Unlike the regular motivational or self-help book, it provides you with worksheets, formulas, planners to decide your preferences and plan to achieve them. No one can deny the importance of goals in their life; this book guides you stepwise to categorize your priorities and convert them into aims and then plan.

First, when we talk about bold life and bold goals, the author is expected to clarify what he means by “bold” here as it is a relatable term with a different meaning to different people. The word “Bold” is repeated so many times like, in every second line as if repeating it would make the context clear.

Having gone through many management books, I didn’t find the ideas too fresh. For instance, it talks about SMART goals – a concept I read years ago and is well known among most of us. In these kinds of books, stories of real people usually are inspirational and thought-provoking. In contrast, in this book, almost none of them are motivational enough, and I find some non-relatable to the topic being discussed.

I find the content pretty average and is lacking a cohesive flow. In the initial chapters, it is spread all over the places. If you are new to the concept of goal settings, then you may still give it a shot.