Please Don’t Ask For Extra Glasses by Barb Taub

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I don’t remember the last time when I had so much fun reading a travel experience. Barb is a witty author with a laudable sense of humor. She has kept the book alive with her clever one-liners and individual style. This book revives the travel experience of a lively trio- Jaya is the leader who can take no-nonsense, Janine is a photographer, and Barb is a shopaholic. In initial experiences, I envisioned Barb, Jaya, and Janine to be young women in their late 20’s on an all-girl trip until I encountered the word “Grandmother”. I went back and checked the pictures, and it further enhanced my enjoyment.

The book starts with a humorous exchange of communication for VISA approval and sets the right tone for further chapters. In all 16 chapters, the author has narrated her experience of travelling across Rajasthan and Gujrat. I have been to most of the destinations, and through the author, I have seen them in a different light. While travelling in Rajasthan, she couldn’t contain her childish excitement for camels and Elephants. Even though I live in India, still camels and elephants are scarce to be seen in Delhi. I can relate to the thrill.

I always wanted to know the thoughts of international travellers for my country. This book gave an appropriate opportunity. It is strange to know they also have to face similar tourist traps, scammers, and thugs. Looks like there is no escape for anyone. The book starts with crashing a wedding, and they also encountered a bride on a horse. Being a native Indian, it is unusual, and I have not seen it in my entire life. It’s the bridegroom who sits astride the horse.

There are nowhere boring stats and history in it. Wherever needed it is transformed into stories. This book is thoroughly strived to relive the marvelous memories. In the end, there are some relevant travel tips for markets, food, shopping, etc. As the book ends, they didn’t want to end the trip, and I also felt the same. I wish it could go on and on. I relished and lived their every experience.

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