Other side of the coin…………….

we were going back to our home after office. My husband was driving and I was reading the news. Nirbhaya incident has completed three years today. I was reading the whole story and was thinking, if the passing by people had stopped to help her, her life could have been saved. How insensitive were the people, who saw her in that disgraceful condition and still didn’t come forward to help her? I started looking out of the window. I saw a Maruti van standing on the roadside and they were trying to pull a young woman inside the car. It was a desolated place. There was no one nearby to help her except us. My husband also saw them, he stopped the car and started moving out to help her. I held his hand.


I stopped him to go out. He gave a jerk to my hand and said in a loud voice that the girl need our help. We could save him. I cried in a louder voice and said what would happen if they are having some weapons with them. If you get hurt or something worse happens to you, what would I do. My priority is to keep you safe not the girl. He looked in amazement at me and said if It would have been you or your sister in her place, would you have said the same to me. I started crying harder, I started begging him to not to go. I told him if something happens to him, my life would be ruined. How would I live, what would I do? Please don’t go. We would inform the police; they would come to her rescue. We were unable to do the same, since during all this, the van had already moved away abducting the girl. My husband gave me a disgusting look.

I was continuously crying. News of the abduction of the girl was all over the media. I was crying harder and harder. I was seeing the face of my sister in that girl and was blaming myself for the mishap. Then I looked at him. He was my life, my only one. If something had happened to him while saving the girl, what would have I done. I can’t imagine him getting hurt. I can’t imagine living without him. In the dilemma of my social responsibilities and my family, I selected my family. I know I am wrong, but this is the reality of indifferent people. No matter how much responsible and social citizen, we are, we love ourselves more than anything in the world.

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