Why you should never buy a watch online

Discounts and ease of buying always tempt us to get the products online, but it should not always be the case. Especially when it corresponds to expensive or electronic things. When it comes to verifying the genuineness of the product, retailers and authorized dealers will not support you. Mostly, authorized dealers deny servicing of the online purchased products.

Here I am sharing a personal experience of online shopping of a branded watch from a trustworthy online shopping website. After seeing a good discount on a luxury watch of Armani and with my regular great experiences with the site, I ordered the same from it. This watch cost me approx. ten thousand rupees after discount. Upon receiving the watch, somehow I was doubtful about its authenticity. I first called the customer care of the website and asked them about it. They said that no third party vendor is involved in their business and they purchase products directly from the manufacturer. Same is the case with watches, so there is no chance of any tampering or a fake product.

Another thing bothering me was that guarantee card provided with the watch was of Fossil while watch was of Armani. So, I called an authorized dealer to understand this. Very politely, I was informed that they don’t provide any service on the watches purchased online but they may help in checking the authenticity. Then, I contacted Fossil customer care. I got to know that authorized dealer will not provide the servicing but fossil would.

In order to end all my woes, I visited the fossil store and told them to help me out by verifying if the watch is genuine. Their very clear reply was that they are not authorized to do the same. If I want to verify, then I have to send it to the service centre, where machinery would be checked to confirm if the product is genuine. As it was an online purchase, I cannot follow the process. It would take so long that I count not return the product as the return is allowed within 7 days of delivery. Then, I visited another authorized dealer. He physically compared the online purchased watch with the one present in the store for around 15 minutes. Even after that, he wasn’t able to confirm (or didn’t want to confirm) that all is good. He told me that it is almost impossible to find the difference between the original and first copy unless the machinery is checked.

Finally, after wasting so much time and efforts in vain, I wasn’t able to check the authenticity and returned the watch.

It’s a good lesson for me at least, to never ever buy a watch online.

Image credits: luxify.com

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