Neemrana Fort Palace: Stay at a fort, like Royals

Neemrana Fort Palace

During the lifetime everyone must have visited at least one royal fort as a spectator. While moving through the palaces and forts, we always visualize what sort of splendid lifestyle royal legendary must have lived. Most of us wish to undergo a royal life of these heritages and has a fantasy of living like a King or a Queen. This dream can come true at Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar. 

It is a perfect place for a memorable vintage experience. Every section of this palace is filled with royal culture and feel of kingship. We recently stayed at a room in the Neemrana fort palace where kings and queens used to stay.

The Fort is not in its erstwhile form now. It has been renovated and reconstructed to be used as a hotel.

The best way to enjoy the fort is as a RESIDENT with your loved one (opt for a day or two-day package ). For  VISITORS, majority of the fort in inaccessible.

How to Reach

Distance from Delhi: 110 Kms

We visited Neemrana in the month of August from Delhi. Roads are smooth, and we experienced a constant and easy ride because of the short distance from Delhi.

When we reached Neemrana city, we first thought we must have reached a wrong place as it starts with a local market and tight streets. The palace was nowhere to be seen. We started google navigator and followed its direction. It led us to narrower lanes. Again, we thought it has misguided us until we saw the direction board indicating the route. It was a sigh of relief when we finally reached the fort. We had not expected something so peaceful amidst a small, tidy city.


Majestic Mahals

The staff gave us a nice and warm welcome. Before the booking, we had done a lot of internet search to find the best room in the Neemrana Fort. We had finalized the Gagan Mahal since it was the highest Mahal. As Gagan Mahal( INR 6000) was under renovation, we got an upgrade to Parvati Mahal(Costing INR 12000). First bonus for us !!.

Parvati Mahal

Our first thought on entering the Mahal was that for this amount we could have got a luxurious room in some good hotel in the city as the interior looked ordinary. All the rooms in Neemrana Fort are of the 17th-19th century. As we were actually living in royal heritage, the historical feel was worth the money. A very old wooden bed (but very well maintained one), metal statues, metal weapons at the door used by gatekeepers in history to guard to Mahal, gave us the perfect illusion of being the royal rulers.

In this Mahal, there is a spacious balcony to savour utter peace and chirping of birds. At the night, i.e. after 8 pm, a pin drop sort of silence spread everywhere. Neemrana Fort looks extremely beautiful with the lightning giving the feel of Diwali.

Radha Mahal

The second day, we stayed at Radha Mahal. It is also a beautiful secluded Mahal. However, its location is not so good. The door of Mahal opens in the veranda(Aangan) surrounded by other Mahals. To have fresh air or a good view, you have to walk up the stairs. There is a  very small window to peep outside, but not an amazing view like Parvati Mahal.


What to do (Activities)

There are two swimming pools in the Neemrana Fort, one for kids and one for adults. Even if you are not a swimmer, we would suggest bringing a swimming costume along. This is because once you will see the pool and people enjoying it, you would definitely get an urge to have a dive. Since it is compulsory to have a costume for swimming, you would be left with no other option than buying it from Neemrana shop located near the reception. It cost us around 600 Rs for female and 350 Rs for the male costume. 

Other activities include:

  • A ride in a vintage car at Neemrana: costing approx Rs 1200 for 5 km.
  • Walk in the Neemrana fort: There are many good spots in the fort to relax and have a good view including a nice amphitheatre.
  • Book reading: Neemrana has a library where you may find some good books.
  • Photography: Entire Neemrana fort is meant for photography, so don’t forget your camera.
  • And most import is zip lining tours: Its cost is not included in the package, you have to take a separate package. You can have breathtaking views of the fort, hills and ridges as you fly down.

For more info read: Flying Fox in Neemrana

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast is generally included in the room cost and they serve a variety of food items. For lunch and dinner, you have to take a paid buffet, served in the most spacious Mahal named Jal Mahal. It would cost you around Rs 1300 per person. Also, there is a fixed timing for lunch and dinner. So you will not find anything to eat at any odd timings and there is no restaurant outside the fort also.

We looked for a cheaper alternative for buffet and find out a restaurant inside that serves snacks if you don’t want to have dinner. The menu is limited and the average cost of items is Rs 250- Rs 300. Quantity is sufficient to satisfy the appetite.


As a bonus to our stay at Neemrana, a shooting of video song was going on by singer Sidharth Mohan and team. They had to shoot a scene of a concert and for this, they actually organized a musical concert for the residents. Amphitheatre looked amazing with the lights and mashaals.  It was an amazing show with really good music and lots of enjoyment.


Not everything was great

On the second day of our stay at Neemrana, there was some confusion regarding the Mahals. We had two separate bookings for both days and the Mahal, we opted for, was under renovation. Without checking the records, the staff called us to the reception and said that we had no booking and should check out.

They bothered to check the records and offered us an apology when we showed them the booking printout. We were ill-treated at that time, might be because they thought it was checkout and we were no longer their guests. Written feedback about the incident that we submitted, never reached the right place as we did not get any response.

Moreover, we complained against the person managing the check-in and check-out. And he was the same person collecting the written feedback. So he, for sure, had not forwarded our complaint to officials.

This was the only incident that spoiled the mood for a while, but otherwise, it was a royal retreat for sure, a wish come true.

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