Monolith Bhimtal: A Spellbinding charm


Bhimtal is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand and is a popular lake. We visited Bhimtal on 26th December and stayed at Monolith resorts (V Resorts). Weather was not too cold and was almost same as of Delhi. At the very first moment of our arrival, we fell in love with the beauty of the structural design of the resort. The second thing we admired was the peaceful environment with not even a single sound of disturbance.

This resort is located very near to the lake and is at a walking distance from the main road. So, we didn’t face any trouble in reaching the location by local transport.

Monolith Bhimtal

They transferred us to our independent cottage, which was cosy and elegant. Space was so intelligently used that in a small cottage they have managed one single bed, one double bed, stairs to the terrace and an open spacious terrace with seating arrangements. Stones used in its construction perfectly provides the look and feel of the hills. Almost everything inside the cottage was made up of wood – Wooden stairs, wooden almirah, wooden table lamps, etc. We were bowled over by the blend of wooden and stone interior of the cottage.

Bhimtal Monolith Resort

Our Experience

In the morning, we had a walk through the resort. Full of admirable locations to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty, the resort provides a spectacular scenic view. The most amazing location that we found was a towering lamp post. With the help of stairs, we could reach to the top and perch there, completely isolated, just relishing the view of the lake and the hills.

Bhimtal Lake view

After taking a rest, we went for a walk to the lake. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from the resort. At the lake, one can enjoy activities like boating and kayaking. A small market lies there, where multiple food vendors sell fast food. The market remains a bit crowded because of the cheap price of food items. Two shops sell some local art and craft things for gifting purpose. We had some fast food there and remained at the lake for hours.

Breakfast and Dinner

In the evening, when lights get switched on, this location becomes radiant. Almost everywhere in the resort, they have put yellow lights, which give a dim glow ambience to the whole. Seating arrangement for dinner was again astounding. They served dinner near the swimming pool, under the shade of trees with hangings lanterns on the branches. A bonfire kindling nearby added to the atmosphere. It was a perfect arrangement to have delicious food under the shade of trees, in the dim light of lanterns, with the bonfire at the poolside. We thoroughly enjoyed the dinner.

Bhimtal Resort

Next morning, we had breakfast at the same location. This time we were having food under the bright sunshine instead of dim lights. After breakfast, we talked to the staff about the options available to reach the railway station. Politely they gave us all the information. Since the main road was at a walking distance, we opted for local transport. We checked out from the resort and walked towards the main road. Within a few minutes, we boarded the local transport bus. After half an hour, we reached Kathgodam railway station to start our returning journey.

With lots of memories of the scenic location and resort, we moved towards our destination.

Paragliding in Bhimtal

We did Paragliding in Bhimtal on a bright sunny day. After waiting for about one hour, we were moved to the flying location. Again, we waited there for another hour. However, the wait was worthwhile and thrilling. Seeing the people flying was very exciting for us.

Just one word to our experience–wow. We were not at all scared in the beginning because of the accompanying pilot who flies the glider. When we were standing on the edge, ready to take the flight, we were shaking. Once glider flies, it’s so amazing that one feels no fear and just enjoys gliding like a free bird. The gentle thumping of air on the face and the view from such a height is worth trying.

Paragliding in Bhimtal would cost you around 1500 Rs. If you opt for videography, you need to pay 500 Rs extra.

Paragliding at Bhimtal

How to reach?

To reach Bhimtal, you first need to reach Kathgodam, below are the options for it:

By Train: The distance from Delhi is abKathgodam Railwa station near Bhimtalout 250 km. Shatabdi express and Ranikhet express are two good options available to reach Kathgodam.

By Flight: Nearest Airport is Kathgodam.

By Bus: You may reach Kathgodam by UTC buses or by private buses. The better option is to go with UTC Volvo’s.

By Road: It’s an easy drive from Delhi to Haldwani and Kathgodam.  But, you should only opt for it if you can drive in hilly areas since, after Kathgodam, all the routes are steep.

Reaching V Resorts Monolith

To reach Monolith V Resorts, Bhimtal we have two options available:

By Taxi: From Kathgodam or Haldwani, you can easily get a taxi. If opting for a taxi, you should ask the resort staff to arrange it for you. They arrange it at a reasonable price and it’s better and safe as compared to bargaining with local taxi drivers.

By local Transport: Monolith resort is located very near to Bhimtal lake, so it won’t be troublesome to reach there by local transport. You would easily get a local bus to the location. It’s 800 meters walk from the main road to the resort. If you want to experience local modes of transport, this is the best place to give a try.

If you are travelling in the odd hours like early morning, then you should opt for a taxi only.


Below are the activities that you can do in Bhimtal:

  • Paragliding
  • Trekking
  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Nature walk
  • Fish Aquarium

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