Made Of Pixels by Gabriela Marin

Rating : 4/5 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Every person experiences life in their way and is not a bed of roses. Some get through extremely substantial turmoil in their life, sounding almost like a fiction movie. The journey of Gabriela Marin is no different and perfectly fits in the description. This memoir has all elements of a bad childhood, betrayal in love life, youth predictions, and losing the life of your closest ones. The story moves through pleasant days and gloomy days equally.

It is set in the communist regime in Romania and narrates the experience of the 70s entirely different from the present with no advanced communication technologies. The readers experience life during that time from the author’s eye. Her love life is the one that suffered irreparable damage. It made me anxious, and I couldn’t envision the distress she went through. Differences with her mother appear grave initially; later, she arose as the ever-present support. I appreciate her courage to emerge out and express such personal experiences.

Saying anything more about the book would be a spoiler. In the initial chapters recounting her despair, she concludes the chapter with a question to her perpetrator as if staring directly into their eyes and inquiring if they realize their deed. The story itself was enough for cognizance; the direct questions sounded a bit inappropriate when recurred. The author could have evaded it. There are grammatical errors making the reading experience a little jarring. Continuous switching between past and present tense creates confusion, and it wasn’t necessary.

Overall, it is an impressive read, packed with a myriad of emotions and life events. It ends at a point when Gabriela began her new life and her encounter with technology. The rest of the story is part of the sequel, which I haven’t read yet. Although, I am eager to read it and know what happened next.