Life Skills by Katie Fforde

Rating – 3/5 Stars

The story starts with Julia breaking up with her fiance Oscar and losing her job to someone younger and less experienced than her. Her horrible boss happened to be a friend of Oscar, although he has no role in her termination.

She starts looking for a new job and found an opportunity as a cook on a boat. Regarding this, she meets the owner– a young, daddy’s little princess, who has no idea what to do with her life. Together they embark on a journey where both emerge out as sounder person. Julia, already 34 years old and not married, is constantly bugged by Oscar’s mother and other women about that. This point has been repeated over and over by different characters in different situations. One fine day her childhood family friend Fergus enters the boat. She is not happy about it because of horrible childhood memories with him. The moment he enters the boat, the storyline becomes predictable as Oscar is also onboard.

Oscar helps her out and crew every time, and seems to be a charming guy. His mother is an impossible person with her brash and brusque talks. Fergus is also a nice guy, and it becomes difficult to understand her constant rejection for him, who is always in to lend a helping hand. Seldomly Julia’s thoughts become annoying, and I wanted to hold her shoulders and shake her to ask – what’s wrong with this guy?

This book is not for intricate plots, in-depth romance, or heart-wrenching separation. The purpose is to give a light-hearted book ­­. It is the kind of book you would like to bring to a beach holiday to relax. Do not expect a page-turner kind of fiction but simple and witty humor.