Life 2.0 by Ciara Fineman

Rating – 4.5/5 stars

Life 2.0 is a tragic romance novel with Mazey as the central character. Mazey lost her wife to an ill-fated incident and is going through the egregious agony of bereavement. She has no home, no family, and no friends. In this perverse time, her siblings from foster family realize it is incumbent upon them to give her much needed support. She tries to find solace with them at their home, where she seldom has to face trenchant and insolent comments from her foster mother. As if her life isn’t too intricate already that “Phoenix” comes face to face with her with whom she shares a long history. She struggles to choose between her “dead” wife and “living” love while handling the wrath of her wife’s mother.

It is not a regular love story or a love triangle where three people fight to win their love. It is the decision between living and dead. The author has given a vivid account of Mazey’s sentiments. The reader connects with her, cries with her, and experiences her excruciating pain. The backstory is conveyed by merging it into the main story through dialogues and thoughts. It keeps the pace intact, and the story keeps on flowing and doesn’t drag at any point.

It is the first book by Ciara, and her writing looks promising. All characters have their voices, flaws, and strong points. She has done a great job of putting everything together.

If I could change something about the book, it would be the title, as I don’t find it appropriate. At a first glance, “Life 2.0” suggests a non-fiction book. Although it is relevant yet could have been much better.

I will recommend this book to those interested in reading something different in the romance genre.

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