Let me Go

Short story

Roads are deserted at this hour. My brother is holding me in his arms and my father is driving the car rashly. Both are extremely worried and are looking towards me every other second. In a few minutes, we reached the clinic where the doctor is about to leave and has already started the ignition of his car. On seeing this, my father rushes towards his car and requests him to examine me. A few minutes back at home, I vomited out something. My family said that it was blood, that’s why made everyone so worried.

After examination, the doctor gave me some injections and they are paining like hell. More than the needles, tense expressions of my family is hurting me. The doctor tells them to take care of me and observe for any improvement or complications till morning. We are now headed back to our home, somewhat relaxed.


At home, everyone is sleeping now, and I feel a sudden intense pain. It is like that my ribs would burst and something would come out of it. I don’t want to shout, but I am restless. I wish I could run towards my mother and tell her to hold me tight, but I am too helpless to walk. Lying still on my bed I see that my mother is coming towards me. She sees me and gives me a little jerk, but I can’t respond. I am too weak to do that. On seeing me in such a condition, she shrieks. Due to which everyone gets up and gathers around me. My pain is intense, but I want to live more. Having spent just nine years of life with my family, I want to live with them forever. I don’t want to leave the world so soon. My brother picks me up in his arms and tells me, “Don’t worry baby, I won’t let anything bad happen to you”.

We are now waiting inside a hospital room. The doctor has taken blood samples and told us to wait there. My brother is caressing me amicably with his hands while my father is nervously roaming around the corridor with no idea about the next moment. I cannot bear the agony. My entire body hurts. I am bleeding from my mouth and can’t see things. The doctor enters the room and I am sitting motionless in my brother’s lap. “She is in extreme discomfort and we can’t do anything about it. An infection has reached to a level which is not curable. Her death is certain.” The doctor reveals in a serious tone. It is the last thing my family wants to hear so they break down right there. I want to console them and say that he is correct. My suffering is beyond my limit of tolerance. It is good if it ends soon, even if it means letting my life go.

The doctor puts his hand over my father’s shoulders and tells him,” we are no one to let her suffer and flounder in pain. The only good thing that we can do for her is to let her die in peace. Let her give a silent death, to end her pain and suffering, by a poisonous injection.” This makes everyone silent. My father calls home and tells everything to my mother. With tears in his eyes, he disconnects the call and embraces me. After a few minutes, a needle pierces inside me. I know this is the last pain that I have to bear. Although I can’t speak, yet I am trying to say with my eyes,” Dad, I am your pet dog, still, you love me like your child. I too want to live with you for many more years, but I have to go. I will love you and will take care of you from heaven. But now, let me go”. Slowly, I am going on a peaceful and deep sleep.

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