Learn to Focus for sure

Agree ?? We all know that in order to pursue anything or to achieve anything in life, one thing which is must-have is FOCUS. Let’s Learn to Focus.

Easy 8 things which can help you restore your focus back !!

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • No Multitasking
  • Natural Light
  • Music
  • Disciplined
  • Watch
  • Detox
  • Travel

think to FocusNow, think and answer, how many of us who knew that FOCUS is vital, and are able to Focus? At least I can’t focus !! How about You?

But yes, I have achieved over this silly FOCUS topic, trust me it is very easy to learn this. And believe me, your focus is not this bad as else you could not have reached this far of this Note. Congratulation on getting the answer as yes of you having any focus. It is the human tendency that there are many things that we do at best of our conscience but surprisingly we do not call it as under Focus category, simply because we do not focus to call it as Focus.

Now, allow me to express some of my practice pointers which I tried for 21 hours daily i.e 1 Hours every day for 21 Days. Remember that anything you do for 21 Days becomes a habit (source: some famous random theory 🙂 ). These very- very small things which I am sure you guys already are doing in bits n pieces when computed with consistency would create a completely different person out of you.

1. SLEEP, Focus Booster

Ohh what a sleepy point !! Trust me to read this out and then you are free to go to sleep, come back tomorrow for next focus point.

Research says one should sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day ( good sound sleep), This duration of sleep helps you to refresh or better say reboot your setup (body) to 100% or your efficiency. Now do not say what if I sleep for 10 or 12 hours, then my friend it is up to you and your schedule. But minimum healthy sleep recommended is 6-8 hours every day. You need to focus on healthy continuous sleep. off course, the human sleep cycle will also defer from human to human, so continuity is all that matters.

By this, I remember of my school days, the fresh mind that we use to be in when we used to get up after our sleep. I miss that Kind of sleep. Can you imagine pin-drop sleep? Totally off from the current state, but sadly we miss this today.

2. EXERCISE to Learn Focus

Gym Freeks, this point is something that you already own it, yes you are the champions of it. Daily same time exercise is said to be the best input for your focus booster. Although morning hours are recommended, evening or late night might develop insomnia. But yes, if you are able to plan at some other part of the day which will remain consistent then you can go for it. I choose 6 PM as it is a good time before I go to sleep.

For example, if you are not a gym guy then also you can do a lot of exercise at home, trust me 21 minutes of exercise every day and you are done. Your aim here is to develop focus and to do so, exercise is very important. Simple stretches during your daily work time. Morning pushups or little jog is good to start with.

3. Say No to Multitask

Multitasking with delay window between two tasks might be effective. Like washing clothes in Washing Machine and working can work together as somehow you can manage between ur work and washing.

No to Multitasking is a key FOCUS

Whereas, simultaneous threading confuses your system inside and always ends up in making on or the other mistake because of distracted focus. Like if you aim at cooking some food and working for the office, you cannot do both the things at the same time 100% correct, at all the time. Also, in the long run, your focus becomes weaker.

Say No to Multithreading / Multitasking !!

4. Natural Light is Better to Focus

Natural Light a Booster for FOCUS

Direct or outdoor light helps destress, Your brain will functions better in a better light. Try setting up your workplace in a way that you get ample natural light, for a maximum period of time during the day. This will help u focus more and also destress your nerves.

5.Music for Focus

Classic Music, a big Yes to help regenerate your focus !! Soft old melodies are always better for you to focus. Music helps bind your focus to one thing. In a way, we can say that it is a catalyst to your focus. It fills energy in you which develops positivity.


One of the most boring point to get your focus up. Yes, you read it correct Discipline is utterly necessary to get your dream come true.

Create a schedule for the day, and please do not create an army like the schedule on day 1, Remember 21-day rule. So go easy on you, you can simply start by a few things and keep adding to optimize your disciplined life, like:

  • Fix your Excercise time
  • Work on your sleep timing
  • pan your wake uptime
  • Fix your meal timings.
  • Dress Up –
    • Yes, this is very important, if you are at your home in your pyjamas, then your focus is highly unlikely. Try dressing up formal like you have to go for an interview and try working, you will see the difference.

7.Wear Watch

One of the easiest step to get your to focus up. Yes just do one thing wear a Watch. if possible a smart one or else normal will also do. It has many advantages, you will not have to check your phone to see the time, as phones mostly distract.

And yes wear it on your non-active hand, i.e if you are right-handed wear it on your left and vice-versa. This will add to your focus learning.

8.Digital Detox

Yeah, most effective and most tough point to regenerate your focus. Trust me digital has given us so much, but on the other side, it has taken from us as well. If you do not agree with me then try recalling any 10 famous quotes without using your phone. Can you do it !! please try!!

I sure you will end up at max 3 or 4. Why? – Digital Addiction is the Answer, because of which we are giving our memory power to our digital devices.

How to Digital Detox? Just switch off your digital connection for 1 hour every day and follow it for 21 days. And see the magic on 21st day. Yes for best results you would have to increase this duration. like what I learn focus is by switching off my digital connections every Sunday for 24 hours. Trust me it is not at all easy to stay away from digital stuff like TV, laptop, mobile for 1 complete day.


Sometimes it is also called a total disconnect. I do not call any travel done as travel when done with phone-in hand. Travel for leisure means complete Isolation of you from your current world.

Of course, you can not travel every day or every week so plan whenever possible, plan for short trips, day trips, this helps you reset yourself and help you regain focus on the particular thing with ease. Recently I visited East of India, read my experience to such a beautiful place here.



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