Last minute Valentine’s day Ideas!!!!!

So, after reading the title you suddenly realized Valentine’s day is around the corner and you haven’t planned anything? Or people around you are going crazy about the day and you also want to raise to the occasion. Whatever be your reason, you have reached the right place. Here we go with some last-minute Valentine’s day gifting and celebration ideas for your love to blossom.

1.               A Rose Plant

Yes, you read it right. Neither rose flower nor rose bouquet but a rose plant. A flower will die after a few days but a rose plant will survive like your love for each other. Every other day it will produce a new rose to bring that delicious smile on your partner’s face.

2.           Magnetic Lockets

Refresh your teenage days love with the magnetic lockets. Wear one yourself and gift second to your partner. Whenever you will see or feel it, it will remind you of each other.

3.       Self-prepared cake/food
Nothing works better than food for men and cakes for women. It is even better when its self prepared. With around 1 hour of efforts, you can get that lovely smile that you are looking for today.

4.    A classic romantic book or a movie
If your partner is a reader then search for some popular classic romance novels and if not, then search for romantic movies. It is nice to have a DVD and watch it together at home rather than in a crowded movie theatre today.

5.     A long drive with romantic songs.
Looks simple but is the hardest considering the traffic on roads. You need to look for the routes with less traffic and a pen drive with loads of love songs.

Have a lovely, romantic and best ever Valentine’s day.

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