Kuldhara : My journey to the cursed and haunted village.

We were on our way to the arid camps of Thar Desert, Jaisalmer.  Around 20 km before the destination, our driver suggested to us that we should give a visit to “ Kuldhara” on the way as it is one of the tourist attraction in Jaisalmer. I misheard it to gurudwara, so I simply agreed without asking for any details. Our driver turned the vehicle to enter a gate where we paid the entrance and parking charges etc. There I saw walls all around with no roofs over them. I asked driver,” Where is the gurudwara?” to which he corrected me and told the story of the haunted village.


Background story

As per him (he was the driver, guide and a local resident), the Kuldhara village was deserted by its own residents some 200 years ago. While leaving the village they cursed Kuldhara, that no one would be able to live in that place again. The Kuldhara village was occupied by the Paliwal Brahmins and was ruled by the powerful and debauched king Salim Singh. He was eyeing the beautiful daughter of the village and wanted to marry her by force. Villagers were threatened by heavy taxes if they tried to obstruct his motives. On the same night, the village was completely abandoned and was cursed by villagers. It is said to be haunted since then.


This property is now maintained by Archaeological Survey of India as a heritage site.  Paranormal Society of India, studied the location by spending a night there with a team of 15 people. They acknowledged that they observed some paranormal activities during the night.

My Experience

We also felt an eerie sadness in the air of this haunted place. There were around twenty more tourists other than us at the location. The thing that amazed me was there wasn’t any sign of any food, water or tea vendor nearby. With such a good footfall why there was no presence of any budding business? It may be because of the fear of curse or it might be any other technical reason. Among all the desolated houses, or can say walls without a roof, only one house and a temple were well built. It was told by the guide that the house belonged to the girl. We climbed up the steps of that house. The ruined village was very clearly visible from there.


We didn’t feel any paranormal activity, might be because of the day time. After half an hour, we again resumed our journey to Jaisalmer but with a lot of curious questions.


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