Kaziranga National park

kaziranga National Park, 240 KM from Guwahati Airport, a perfect example of nature and its necessity for our survival. This Grassland becuase of it unique landscape becomes must visit place if you in Assam.

Abode to one horn Rhino !!

The famed one-horned rhinoceros,with Brahmaputra on upper side,it becomes India one of the best known tourism mascots,this national park is the home to many wildlife.

As a part of our annual travel, in this year of 2019, we planned for the tour of East India. In the list of places which could easily be covered in the duration of 4 days, were two states Assam and Meghalaya. In Assam, we opted Guwahati and Kaziranga (2 Days). For the remaining two days, Meghalaya, known for wettest places in the world, Cherrapunji, also called as Shora and Dawki City for Umngot River. Although this itinerary as a whole did not turn out as the best Itinerary,although we tried to make it best in every possible way.

Trip starts with Kaziranga National park from Guwahati Airpot.

Why only Kaziranga National Park?

We have been travelling to many places in the last couple of years. During this span, we visited national parks like Sariska National Park at Alwar, Rajasthan. Jim Corbett National Park at Uttarakhand. When we compare all these three, we find Kaziranga National Park as more enriched with flora-fauna Terran. Being visited during the offbeat time of the year, this place was no less beautiful.
Best Season to Visit Kaziranga National Park: Is Monsoon or months around it.

One thing that I must say, going to Visit Kaziranga would take your full day if you are starting from Guwahati Airport. The distance between Airport and the Kaziranga National park is approx 230 Km and it will take your 4-5 Hours.So keep one spare day to visit this beautyful place.

Kaziranga National Park

Story of Kaziranga National Park:

Spread across an area of 57,273.6 acres (232 km²), divided into three ranges, Eastern, Western and Central Range. All these ranges are miles apart and have their individual access to the park. These all ranges have their different ticket counter. Cost at each counter varies range to range and season to season. The central range is famous for Elephant Safari which gives you a better opportunity to witness Rhinos from near.

What we did?

In Kaziranga National Park we chose the central range because we had to go to Cherrapunji post safari.
If we talk about the mode of safari in the Jungle their are mainly two Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari. The cost differs for both mode range to range.

Kaziranga National Park

We chose shared mode of safari. This saved our cost from 2700 to 450/person. If you are planning with the private safari it will cost you approx INR 2700.

Kaziranga National Park
Few things that you are not allowed/supposed to carry with you:
1. Plastic bags/Plastic Materials
2. Water bottle you can carry with you but you can not /should not 
be thrown into the jungle.

People of Assam !!

People in Assam are very nice, they are helpful, they speak Hindi, English and their local Assamese language. So if you wish to book for the shared ride, go for it you will enjoy more.

With cool Breeze of winters we started the trip to Park where we witnessed wildlife creatures like King Kobra,Elephants,Deer,Immigrant Birds,owl,vulture,Rhino (for sure) and many others. But yes I must say because of off-season we could not see much of habitat.

Kaziranga National Park

The Rhino we saw was very far from the naked view. We tried to capture the image from the lenses, I guess if you go by elephant Safari then the chances to witness it from close is higher.

Tigers at Kaziranga

Kaziranga is one of the few wild breeding areas outside Africa for multiple species of large cats, such as Bengal tigers and leopards. Kaziranga was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006 and has the highest density of tigers in the world (one per five km2), with a population of 118, according to the latest census.

Duration Required for Visit

It takes around 3 hours in total to visit the national park from either of the range,which gives you plenty of time for pictures ( sharing few of what I clicked below). do not forget the start time i.e. 7 AM, although their are many Jeeps available, it is advisable to be before time to book you jeep else their are chances that you might not get any during the peaks season.

Kaziranga National Park

Major part of the jungle is water with shrubs and remaining is filled with the long trees and dense forest.

Kaziranga National Park
Kaziranga National Park
Kaziranga National Park

Other attractions near by :

  • Kaziranga National Orchid Park
    • This place also has a few very nice attraction like a very small and silent Pond, where you can get a free ride to enjoy the place. Another attraction here other than Orchid garden is Bamboo, cactus, medicinal garden.
    • In the Medicinal garden, you can get to see all kind of herbal plants.
  • Kaziranga National Bamboo Park
    • A very beautiful and wide range of bamboo plants.
  • Tea Estates
    • For us it was for the first time we saw tea estate and believe me it was one the best view, with the view added with sun rays flashing on tea leaves.
Kaziranga National Park

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Things to carry for Kaziranga National Park Visit ?

Out of all things that you plan to take with you for this Jeep safari, few things which might add more excitement in your journey can be as

  • Binoculars
    • Very Important to witness Rhino, why it is important, mainly because of the distance between your jeep and rhinoceros can be too much for the naked eye. We can not afford to miss the view.
  • High Focal Lens for your Camera:
    • If you are carrying your DSLR keep few things in mind. Take a high optical zoom lens for nature photography.
    • You may need to pay extra as a part of the ticket.
    • Plastic bags are not allowed so make sure your camera is water-proof/spill-proof.
  • Water Bottle
    • take glucose water or normal water with you for the trip.
  • Sunglasses
    • This will save you from the sun.

After Kaziranaga National we Went for Meghalaya Tour.


Kaziranga National Park
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kaziranga National Park, 240 KM from Guwahati Airport, a perfect example of nature and its necessity for our survival. This Grassland because of its unique landscape becomes must visit place if you in Assam.
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