Wasteless jeans by levis: An eco-invention

These jeans are made of garbage -Waste less jeans 

The clothing tag on a pair of Levi’s Waste<less denim proudly proclaims, “These jeans are made of garbage”, yes you read it correct Levis is making jeans out of waste plastics – “waste less jeans”.

waste less jeans

“It’s good for people and better for the planet,” said Jonathan Kirby, vice president of men’s design at Levis Strauss.

“We decided to take something that was trash and turn it onto something that was valuable and viable,” Kirby told me. “The end goal is to get people to think a little bit differently about what they do with their waste. We want them to realize that a piece of trash can actually become something else that’s relevant to them.”

How wasteless jeans are made?

The recycled plastic–such as

  • brown beer bottles,
  • green soda bottles,
  • clear water bottles and
  • black food trays –

Is collected from communities across the country and shipped to a manufacturing plant where it is broken down into tiny pellets and spun into polyester fibres. That polyester yarn is then woven with cotton into denim.

The Wasteless jeans are thin and lightweight, darker than some other denim. The inside of the jeans also looks different. They’re not the typical blue and white. These are more brown and blue.

“The brown bottles and the food trays give the fabric that unique shade and colour,” Kirby explained. “You can actually see the recycled material in the garments themselves.”

Hoover points out that this does not decrease the plastic that’s being used to make new plastic bottles–environmentalists would like to see fewer of them used–but it does help keep some plastic waste out of landfills.

This is not the first environmental initiative for Levi’s. The company’s Water-Less manufacturing technique introduced in 2011 reduces the water used in the finishing process of some products by as much as 96 per cent. The company saves Water.

“We don’t just want to reduce our impact on the environment, we want to leave it better than we found it,” said James Curleigh, global president of Levi’s brand in a statement.

Clearly, Levi Strauss believes it can be a leader in eco-fashion.  Vice president Jonathawaste less jeansn Kirby told that he’s looking into a number of different sustainable clothing options for next year.

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