I am forgetting something

Alex is continuously working from last night on his research. He is working as a scientist for a government agency. He and his team is working on a chemical product that could provide a breakthrough in the industry. He is very near to the point of completion. He has almost formulated the chemical, he wants to finish the research as soon as possible. He slept for two hours in his office’s lab and since morning he is feeling something different. “I am forgetting something. May be it is something important related to the research, but why I can’t recall it”, he speaks to himself. Other scientists are now starting to reach office. Alex greets them all. Maria, her assistant, also enters the office and reaches directly to her lab. He is thinking why she didn’t seek her permission to enter the lab while she always does it and then immediately turns his attention to his research.

He has a meeting scheduled with his team and his boss. He reaches meeting room; discussion has already started. His boss turns to him and asks him about the progress. He says that he is very near to completion, but is not able to solve little problems. Boss is disappointed as today is the target date to finish the research. They have to submit the findings by tomorrow. He tells him to put more effort and complete all the things by tomorrow morning. He returns to his lab disappointed. He is still thinking that he is forgetting something. This thought is making him uneasy. His attention is diverted by a sweet fragrance of rose. He realizes that its Maria’s perfume. He looks at her and remembers what he is forgetting. He was planning to propose Maria to marry him. Because of delay in research project, he forgot to talk to her about it.

He calls Maria and says,” Maria, I want to tell you something. You are beautiful and I like you. Would you marry me?”.  She is looking at him with mixed expressions. She is angry and smiling at the same time. She asks him,” Do you remember where were you yesterday”. He was blank. She says,” Dear husband, we got married yesterday and I am already your wife.”

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