Heartbreak Sucks! How to Get Over Your Breakup in 30 Days – Jared Wood

Rating – 4/5 Stars

This is the first book I read on this kind of subject and would call it surprisingly practical. It is a guide for 30 days to those in grief and going through emotional turbulence. For each day, it suggests a task/idea to perform.

The book starts with an introduction by the author, and he shares the ordeal of his own breakup. Envisioning yourself in his situation is going to give you chills. The author has utilized his own experience to write this book. Among the ideas mentioned, most of them are distraction techniques like going out, meeting friends, pampering yourself. A few are cliché like deleting the phone number and blocking them from all social media as this is the first thing anyone does even when there is a minor scuffle. Some are really good, which may not heal your heart, however will definitely improve your lifestyle. A helpful trick is mentioned to deal with the urge to send a text or call to your ex, as I believe this is the weakest point for all after a breakup.

I am not going through the predicament of breakup agony currently, so I can’t say whether these techniques will heal your wound. Although one thing is guaranteed that you will come up as a better person with a better lifestyle if you perform all the tasks.

Claiming the effectiveness of the book is difficult once you come face to face with your ex after say 60 days. One weak moment is enough to shatter all the efforts you have been putting in making yourself strong. Still, it is worth a try. Overall, I liked the book and the idea.

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