What food items to carry while Travelling?

Carrying food items while travelling is a good option for appetite as well as for your pocket since prices of food at tourist spots are way too high. Whether it’s a short trip or a long trip, it is always advisable to grab some quick eatables on the go.

Before checking the list, check these best places to visit, in case you haven’t decided your destination yet.

or If you are in Delhi/NCR and you planning for a long Ride, Neemrana is the must-go place.

So, here we are presenting the master list of preferred food items that one should carry while travelling.

1. A thermostat bottle with tea/coffee/juice as per our choice.

2. Maggi cuppa mania or any other instant noodles.

Hot water required for preparing it can be carried in the thermostat bottle. It is the most suitable alternative for a meal.


3. Snickers chocolate bars.

They are sufficiently heavy for small hunger.

4. Biscuits.

5. Chips.


6. Namkeen packetsNamkeen

7. Salted peanuts/ Salted almonds.

8. Fruit cakes.

9. Buns. You may carry butter also if the weather is cold.

10. Fruits.

Apart from the above items, if we want to carry home-cooked food items then we may choose some of these items:

1. Poha.

2. Macaroni.

3. Chakli.

4. Sandwiches.

Sandwitch food

There could be a plethora of food options when it comes to eating on the go, but the above options compile as the master list for it. If you have some other options in mind that you generally prefer, then do let us know.

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