Faith and the Beloved

Author – Kochery C Shibu

Rating – 1.5 / 5

Based on a story of diamond smuggling, the novel crawls at a sluggish pace. The story is good, storytelling is not.

I got tired within the first four chapters but still gathered the courage to move forward owing to the ratings. Even after completing 50% of the book, the story didn’t start. Characters, characters and characters! A scene is ongoing, the main character is in action, and out of nowhere, 2-3 names of supporting characters will be dropped like a bomb, who play no role in upcoming chapters.

Male characters are occupied in marrying and sleeping with women, I don’t know many times. The Idea of rape is used in a casual and disgusting way. A 17-year-old girl gets raped by her step-father and she moans and feels butterflies in her stomach. A 40-year-old woman gets raped and she fantasizes it and enjoys it. The rapist falls in love with her, when he first raped her. He got married, I guess twice, and still, the only women he loves is the one he raped. Another young girl gets raped and her rapist marries her and she is all ok in raising a family with him.

So many unnecessary details have been given which are of no use and just drags the story. Fighting techniques, dressing style of the family, how much white is white, why Muslims support polygamy and what not!. This book turned me off from the beginning itself. Biggest turn off being the mundane and monotonous writing. I lost count of how many continuous sentences started with “She” in the same paragraph. “Kishanganj” has been repeated in almost every line in a paragraph. On top of it- grammatical mistakes. I seriously advise the author to concentrate on proofreading and editing.

I do not recommend this book.

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Faith and the Beloved

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