Dragons Walk Among Us by Dan Rice

Rating : 3/5 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

A young adult fantasy, “Dragons walk among us” by Dan Rice, has Allison lee as its central character, who endures bullying in high school due to her average looks. She excels in photojournalism, and the novel begins with one such contest. The story moves from an attack causing blindness to her towards an over complex medical procedure to restore it using a prosthetic. As a result, her vision got extraordinary powers near to the supernatural, and she starts seeing dragons living among human beings.

A stunning graphic on the cover instantly captures the attention. As a debut novel, Dan has tried to present a story that would appeal to young adults. However, it has nothing new to offer and fails to hold the reader’s attention for long.

With all elements of a young fantasy – an average-looking girl, group of best friends, a high school crush, dragons, kidnapping, and fight, this book struggles to keep up the pace and grip. The reading experience is bumpy and uneven. With a good opening, it almost halts in the middle. No action happens in 70 percent of the part. It just goes on.

Joe’s photo led Allison to win the competition, and his Afghanistan background was dropped like a hint expected to be elaborated later. However, it is not talked about anywhere after that.

This book needs to alter the structure to keep the story moving. There are too many talks and discussions among the characters making it ponderous after some time. The final act is wrapped up in haste without appropriate attention to the loose threads.

I wouldn’t say the book is not worth reading, although I must say that the story could have been much better than it is now with the addition of some striking conflicts and sub-plots.