The Devil’s Bridge : Jaw-Dropping illusion that actually exist.

Location: Gablenz, Germany


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Rakotzbrücke, the arched bridge is located among the abundant vegetation of  Germany’s Kromlauer Park in Kromlau. The bridge is designed in a perfect semi-circle in such a way that its reflection in water creates the amazing illusion of a full circle.


Popularly known as “Devil’s Bridge“, it is built over the water of Rakotzsee with a variety of stones. It’s a popular myth that these bridges have some miraculous powers that’s why they are supposed to be made by Devil. Although it is a man-made architecture.

If you are willing to see it in reality (which you must be), then it can be viewed in the park. In order to preserve this, now it is prohibited to cross as it’s a 19th-century bridge.

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