Delhi’s Regal cinema is History Now


Connaught Place became the entertainment hub of New Delhi. The Regal, the first theatre in the area, was opened in 1932 by Sir Sobha Singh. Regal Cinema was designed by architect Walter Sykes George and mainly hosted stage performances.

Regal Cinema

Regal Cinema calls for the Shut-Down

Reason for the same is lack of business, yes we heard it correct it was one the first Cinema’s in India which started showing Hindi Movies and now the time has reached when it closed.

Delhi’s colonial-era single-screen theatre that faces the park above Palika Bazaar Parking in Connaught Place is finally shutting down due to lack of business — Hindustan Times had reported in December last year about the cinema’s severe cash crunch.

“Regal had a class that no other theatre in the city had. It was a night show and the house was packed. I could see anglicized bureaucrats, businessmen all around me. The atmosphere was so European,” says Chaudhuri,  84, a well-known photojournalist.

Regal opened in 1932, and 85 years later, it is closing with the week-long screening of Anushka Sharma-starrer film Phillauri. The final two shows on Thursday, however, will screen Raj Kapoor classics Mera Naam Joker (evening show) and Sangam (night show).

As we are talking about the closure of the regal cinema then let’s have a look at other things that are going to disappear with it:

  1. This hall had no elevators –

    yes it is true, in this time of 2017 , 85 year old structure didn’t have elevator.

  2. The cinema has ‘Boxes’, or private cabins, each with about half a dozen blue padded seats.
  3. Minimum Ticket Price at regal was Rs 80 whereas the maximum ticket was at Rs 200

Regal Cinema

With its last show as Philauri , the Regal Cinema will become history with all the old memories locked in it. Going back to the history of it, there have been many famous personalities who witnessed a show in this old Regal Theater including our former Prime Minister Shree Atal Bihar Vajpayee.

It has been a place for the premier of almost every show in the history of Bollywood Cinema.

Staying updated to the latest version is the demand of time. This is where Regal Cinema lacked behind and was hit by the cruel modernization   Cinemas have seen the time changing from “Samosas” to “Grill Sandwiches”.

31 March 2017 will be the day when the royal theatres like Regal will become history. Concepts like Regal will end and would be replaced by something in demand, so-called technology of today.

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