Plastic is degradable

Yes you read it correct, “PLASTIC IS DEGRADABLE”


Galleria mellonella – The waxworm  – Responsible in making this phrase possible i.e Plastic is Degradable .


Plastic Decomposition hero !!


This Warm – Galleria mellonella also called as wax warm – hold the key to biodegrading Plastic.

The worms did transformed the plastic into ethylene glycol, which is commonly used in antifreeze. “It’s not itself a very exciting product, from our point of view, but what matters is that we’re able to turn the plastic into something else,” Howe says. So by product after eating the plastic is not much acceptable now , but yes this fact is sorted that this Plastic has found someone who can actually digest it .

So why would the wax worm have this ability? Bertocchini says it might be because the critter commonly lives in beehives. “It eats wax and honey,” she said. “So because of the similarities between wax and the polyethylene, to a certain extent clearly, maybe that’s the reason why these insects developed this capability.”


source say : ”

 Sixty of India’s major cities generate 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste each day, adding to about 12.7 million kg of plastic that enters the earth’s oceans. This figure could double in the next decade.”      –hindustan Times

so if this humble warm is real and is working the way it was observed then we have the keep for the cleaner plastic solved earth ..

Spanish scientist, Federica Bertocchini at the Spanish National Research Council may help deal with India’s plastic problem. Bertocchini who is also an amateur beekeeper, left a closed plastic bag full of wax worms in her room while she cleaned the panels they had infested. When she returned the room was full of the worms. and this was the point when this creature was identified as plastic eater and was further proven to be true .


Question that comes next in mind is :

How Fast is the degradation process  ?

“One hundred wax worms are capable of biodegrading 92 milligrams of polyethylene in 12 hours, which really is very fast,” Bertocchini said. It may sound tardy but left alone low-density plastic bags can take around a century to break down completely.


So, what are we thinking now ?

This Idea need to be substantiated without any further delay because the rate with which we are polluting our earth we might be full of plastic one day .

Few Stats :

Plastic waste produced ever day in major cities

Delhi: 689.5 tonnes

Chennai (429.4 tonnes),

Kolkata (425.7 tonnes)

Mumbai (408.3 tonnes).

Daily addition to untreated plastic

Delhi : 275.6 tonnes

Chennai (171.6 tonnes),

Kolkata (170 tonnes)

Mumbai (163.2 tonnes)

Source: CPCB





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