Connected to Me by Marc Kage

Rating – 3.5/5

Length – 312 pages

Author – Marc Kage

“Connected to me” is a story of two young people – Aoi and Christian who eventually falls for each other. Christian is well settled in his job, however, struggles often with an impossible boss. He is a lonely soul who returns to his empty apartment every night. Loneliness never registered his consciousness until one day when he finds himself stuck in Aoi’s body. As he starts to live Aoi’s life, he apprehends the essence of a family and the euphoria of having people around who care for you.

Aoi is a young woman who had suffered from paranoia. She suspects every other person’s intention especially when someone is being nice to her. When she meets Christian by some chance, she has the same feeling for this well behaved and handsome man. One day when she wakes up in his body and lives his life, she realizes what a gentleman he is.

Although they get to know each other’s life much better after the body switch, yet the mystery is to find the reason for this bizarre occurrence and how will they get back to their real bodies. This story revolves around this idea.

The book starts with a prologue, which I would tag as a cliché – a woman going to interview, a man following her, she is suspecting him and later on in the interview room, she finds out the interviewer is the same guy. Honestly, it was a bit disconcerting. Initial chapters mostly have dialogues and the story moves at a slow pace. Around chapter 7, the real action starts and keeps on happening. If the book had started from this point, it could have been a much better hook. From this chapter, I got engrossed in the story and it became a page turner. The best thing about this novel is a precise narrative. When two people with their bodies switched are together in a scene, it becomes complicated to guess whether the real person is talking or the switched one but here, the narration is clear.

I was too eager to know the reason behind this body switch but unfortunately, the author has concluded in a brief epilogue which was not satisfactory. It should have given good space.

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