“Clean Slate” by Preeti Rajput: Stories that will stay with you for long.

Clean slate” by Preeti refers to a “fresh beginning”. Characters of this collection of stories are stuck in the dilemma of their ordeals looking to start afresh. Some succeed and some don’t.

All of them made some choices in their lives that sooner or later came face to face at an unexpected time – A common man who considered his honesty as his biggest asset, a woman who aborted her unborn girl child knowingly, A father who encashed an unexpected opportunity at the cost of his only daughter’s injury, A professor who got insulted by a wealthy and unruly student openly.

Some stories are light-hearted like “my tech-savvy father” where a son wants his father to be upgraded with emerging technologies. In “Unfaithful partner” two friends are preparing for their revenge from a single person but with different motives. “Reincarnation” brings out a hidden face of society. Also, there is a horror story “Haunted house” running in the background of a broken love story.

These stories will open your mind to strange things that could happen. Although not all of them are true, some are lies as well. For instance when “Raghu” finds out why the stuff from his apartment was getting disappeared day by day. A few characters and their stories are relatable like “Hari” who got graduated with flying colours but could not grab a decent job no matter how hard he tried. On top of that, he struggles with a nagging father.

This collection of fictional stories shows distinct shades of lives and situations. While reading it, you live a dozen times. Its aroma will linger in your conscious long after you close the book. You will yearn to know a bit more.

In total, this book will satiate your appetite for a good read.

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"Clean Slate by Preeti Rajput"


Stories that will stay with you for long.

Clean Slate

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