Cheat Sheets for Life: 750+ hacks for health, happiness and success – Ayesha Ratnayake

Rating – 2.5/5 Stars

The author has compiled this book after reading an extensive number of self-help books. It covers 18 life areas and suggests a plethora of helpful methods for their ennobling. Some sections are – everyday happiness, social relationships, health, food, productivity, and leadership. In the end, there is a gargantuan list of references covering half of the pages of the entire book. I must appreciate the earnestness of the author in spreading the acquired knowledge over the years.

You cannot always expect a non-fiction book to be captivating like fiction novels still, the writing should be intriguing enough to keep the reader hooked. This book lacks here and appears ponderous. Explanation of each point is concluded in 3-4 lines with almost every point beginning with “research shows that …” or “a study shows that …”. As a reader, I am not interested in statistics only, but the why part of it. Taking an instance from the health section – Methods are as facile as “Be happy”.
Who doesn’t know that being happy is good for health? The question here is – is being happy so easy? If I am reading a self–help book, I don’t want to know that research shows 90% of people, who are happy, stay healthy. Tell me about a lifestyle transformation and how it helped someone, to whom I can relate. I want to know how drinking green tea will lead to longevity.

More than a self-help book, it looks like several blog posts consolidated to make one. Methods or ways suggested are replicated in many sections. For example – you will find dance, sing and read repeatedly in happiness, health, and other dimensions.

If you are looking for a quick – guide for different dimensions of life, then it will be a pertinent book. If you are looking for some motivation to ennoble your life, then this is not for you.

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