Capital Action by GJ Stevens

Rating : 3/5 3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Capital Action is a 100 pages long novella narrating crime fiction. It is confusing whether it is a part of series or a stand-alone thriller as the blurb or description does not explicitly mention it.

The story starts with a range of characters. Within such a short story, loads of characters make it arduous to keep track of who is who?. After a point, I stopped trying to do it. Even if it is a part of the series, it is futile to have so many characters who will eventually die on the next page before establishing a connection with readers.

The first five chapters elaborate on every possible detail about an early morning raid by the police, which is the prime episode of this book. The brigade of characters introduced till now gets killed except for Agent Carrie. Agent Carrie Harris, known by her code name “red,” has begun her stint with Metropolitan police without being a cop. During her convalescing, she is convinced someone tipped them off and is an inside job. What made her think so is not explained. Then she embarks on a secret investigation to identify the mole and sequentially finds her like a doodle.

The book is a crime thriller with no sitting on the edge, no nail-biting twists and turns but a simple plain story. One cannot expect too much action in a novella, but it even lacks the basic spices of a thriller.

Undeniably, the plot is a good one with average execution. If the author had added some more conflicts, confrontations, suspects, and twists, the story would have done wonders.