The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories

Author – Manali Desai

Rating – 3.5/5

The Art of being grateful and other stories by Manali Desai is a collection of 8 short stories which can easily be read within an hour or two because of their length and fluidity in writing.

These stories are not bounded by a common idea. “Warned in love” is based on a mystery theme. “A fairy tale Christmas” is a cute story which is kind of fantasy and “The Art of Being Grateful” sounds like a non-fiction motivation write-up. In short, there is an element of uniqueness in the collection. My favourite story from this book is “Self-happiness above all”. It is a story of almost every other person. It sounds so relatable. Although it is written from a female point of view yet I am sure it is the same for males as well.

Another element of surprise is a section of bonus reads at the end. They are very short, kind of blog posts, touching several situations and aspects. I enjoyed these nuggets thoroughly.
As a point of improvement, I wish the stories to be a bit longer. The reason being as I started to dive in the life of characters the story finishes leaving me craving for more.

In short, it’s a good read.

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