Blood and Bones – Paula Dombrowiak

Rating – 4/5

“Blood and Bones” – is all about friendship, love, relationships, combined with a passion for music. Jack is a Rockstar who survived a violent and alienated childhood. Mia is that one friend who accompanied him through all thick and thins. They both wrote lyrics for songs together and fled to make up their career. Their relationship gets complicated, and these two, although inseparable, could not be together. But life goes on…

While reading the book, it never occurred to me that it is the work of a first-time author. Narration is up to the mark, and so is the storytelling. The story keeps on hopping between past and present without losing its fluidity. Jack’s character is deeply developed, and the reader gets connected to him. The same kind of characterization was required for Mia and Amber too. At places, I wanted to know the reason behind their strange relationship choices. Author takes you to a musical journey to cherish and enjoy.

At some point, Jack told Erin that he is the bad guy, and she will get to know him once she listens to the whole story. I expected a turn in the events, which didn’t happen. So much has been talked about how much Jack loves her daughter, and after some years, she started hating him. The required explanation wasn’t given as to how and when this relationship took a turn?

Overall, a good story and a good read. It is a gift for music and book lovers. I recommend this book. Kudos to Paula, who did such an excellent job in her first book.

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