Beware of advisory announcements at public places while travelling

“The announcement or advisory to take care of your valuables at public places can make you a victim of theft”.

The motive behind these announcements is to prevent cases of theft and pickpocketing at public places. Contrary to this, it seldom proves to be a catalyst for these crimes. You won’t know that some anti-social elements are waiting near these signs to identify and target their next victim.

Let us assume you are on a crowded railway station, shopping mall or a bus stand.

Next moment, there is an announcement to take care of your wallet, mobile and other valuables.

Or you see a signboard mentioning the same advice.

As an unconscious reaction, you would immediately put your hands on your pockets to make sure your valuables are safe.

Right then if a thief is monitoring your movements, he will easily know which pocket to target.

It is very difficult to control this instinct but to be safe we should try to control this reaction.

Many cases have been encountered where culprits use these psychological tricks on their prey.

While travelling, be safe by taking care of these small things.

Have a safe journey!!!!

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