Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas

Rating : 5/5 0.0 out of 5.0 stars

The story starts with Joe getting released from jail and Colm receiving him. Joe is an aspiring writer but gets occupied with a plumbing career because of typical social circumstances. In addition, he is married and has a daughter whom he loves unconditionally. After getting released, he once again starts his writing journey and writes a screenplay.

“Audrey” is the female protagonist in the novel, a middle-aged, extremely gorgeous French actress. She is the one who helps Joe establish his most sought-after career of writing and win back her estranged daughter Sarah. It is the story of Joe, the life of Joe, and the struggles of Joe. I didn’t understand why the author has to name it after Audrey. Indeed, Joe’s life changed thoroughly after meeting her; she acted as the anchor of her life but still, the journey is his own.

One day, he meets Audrey during a film festival, and they instantly get along. Later, she sneaks into his unlocked laptop and runs through the entire script. Impressed by it, she calls him from Paris to get a movie contract for the same. All this sounds so dreamy, but life is not so simple. Joe gets trapped in attempts to ask his wife’s forgiveness and get reunited with Sarah, who no longer recognizes him. His movie venture also gets stuck when an ex suddenly reappears, seeking vengeance out of jealousy. With obscure yet believable sub-plots, an absorbing story progresses.

Like the story, writing is also pleasant and elegant that immerses the reader within the first few pages. It is a romantic book with some great punches of humor by Joe’s great friend Colm.

In short, it is the kind of book you need for a tranquil and delightful reading experience. All the characters are deeply written and can instantly establish a connection with the reader. One can imagine every scene, every location, and every character so clearly as watching a movie. This story has the full potential of getting converted into a blockbuster film. I would recommend this as a compelling and fantastic read.