And the mountains echoed

Author:- Khaled Hosseini
Ratings – 3.5/5

This is the third novel by the author – Khaled Hosseini. To savor it to the fullest, you must forget his previous novels and read this one as a separate artwork. Otherwise, you would keep on comparing it with his other books and would be disappointed. Although it is not at all disappointing, but the author has set such high expectations for himself from his previous books, which this book fails to meet.

The story begins with a children’s story narrated by a father to his two kids, which roughly gives away the central theme. The main theme is about two siblings – Pari and Abdullah. Pari gets separated from her doting brother in childhood and forgets him as she grows up while Abdullah yearns for her every moment of his life. Much later in his life, she gets reunited with him.

The story doesn’t move in chronological order due to which reading experience is not fluid. Each chapter begins with a new character, in a totally new setting, and a new situation. In between the chapters, the author has left connectors here and there to link the ongoing chunk with the central story. It is a different way to write a novel. Although a bit scattered, yet it is interesting. As a downside, you will be exhausted while keeping track of characters and their roles.

The book is intriguing enough to keep you captivated. In-depth character building and expression of human emotions are the main strengths of his writing and he has maintained the same throughout. I was expecting an outburst of emotions at the reunion of siblings. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment as the author choose a different ending.

Overall, it’s a good read. For the time being, it will virtually transport you to Afghanistan, in the lanes of Kabul, among Kabuli folks. Such elaborated is his story setting.

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