Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba losing its charm in the dazzling light of its modernization.

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba is a well-known highway Dhaba for frequent travellers and Delhi NCR people. It is one of the popular hangout destinations among the young crowd and families. Less of a Dhaba and more of a restaurant these days, this place has lost its charm and taste gradually.


Not more than 4 years back it was equally crowded as today but the interior and decorations were very basic. Nowadays, it is flourished with marble walls, mall-type washrooms, glassed counters, fountains, fancy lights and whatnot. Blinded by lavishness, they have ignored the fundamental requirements of customer – service, taste and management. The crowd is getting increased day by day because of the hype only and nothing else. In the late hours of the night also, it is brightened by a bunch of families, youngsters and highway travellers.


With such a huge crowd, good management is inevitable. At the counter, you will be shouting on top of your voices for your orders (if you want to get it packed or want to sit in the open air to eat) but they will crawl at their own pace. Service is sluggish and is getting slower day by day. Most popular food items that attract so many customers are their Parathas with butter (a lot of butter) and tea. I can bet on this that after waiting for at least 15-20 minutes, you would say or at least feel that it’s not worth the wait. Taste of paratha is insipid and same is with makkhan (Butter). One can get a much better taste at many other outlets/Dhabas/Restaurants with a shorter service time. Only tea is good enough.

One thing that needs to be said here is that in the race of glamour and dazzle; taste, quality and customer satisfaction is getting far lagged behind. With a lot of other alternatives around, this Dhaba is running solely on the bases of its hype, prestige and name nowadays.

– A regular traveller and customer of Amrik Sukhdev

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