Adalaj Vav or Adalaj Stepwell in Gujarat is worth a visit

Adalaj Vav

The Adalaj vav or Adalaj stepwell lies in the peaceful village of Adalaj. The stepwell is  29km north of Ahmedabad and is among the finest of the Gujarati step-wells. It was built by Queen Rudrabai, wife of the Vaghela chief, Veersinh in the year 1499. The vav is one of the major tourist attraction in Gujarat.


Architecture and design

The vav is a spectacular example of Indian architecture and is five-storey deep. It used to provide water to arid regions of Gujarat for household purposes. It has three entrances leading to a huge platform that rests on 16 pillars with corners marked by shrines. Adalaj vav is octagonal in shape and is decorated with exquisite stone carvings. Sandstone is used for building the walls and each floor is supremely spacious and cool. The temperature inside the well is said to be about five degrees lower than the outside hot summer temperatures.

How to reach

Ahmedabad is easily reachable by air, train or by road.

Visiting Hours: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm, Everyday

Location: Adalaj, 19 km from Ahmedabad Station

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